Midpoint Check In: Switching Gears

At this point, I’ve been running My Infinite Playlist for a little over half a year. I’ve happy turn up GIF by Originals-sourcelearned somethings about blogging, running a site and the direction in which the blog is going.  So far I have seen a little increase in dedicated readership. Which is what I would like. I want the reader who will stay with us through the journey. The passive readers are great too. I’m confident in the content that I create on this site, and I am sure once a member of our target audience experiences the world of M.I.P they will stick around for good.

“We are from all parts of the world and we like to travel the parts we have never been. Women of Color forge into areas that aren’t seen as traditionally ours…”

New Themes:

I realized the true direction I wanted to take this blog. It started off as an interracial blog, wonder woman beyonce GIF-sourceand I would still like to keep that as a topic that we visit. However, I really would like to focus on the overall theme that black women and other women of color are non-monolithic. We are all different, we are into different music, style of dress, dating patterns. We live alternative lifestyles and we are even into alternative forms of beauty. We can be vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian. We are from all parts of the world and we like to travel the parts we have never been. Women of Color forge into areas that aren’t seen as traditionally ours, like beer brewing and tattooing. K-music, J-music, Latin Pop, Afro Beat, EDM, and rock are just some of the genres where we are widespread and share an interest in. We are feminist, traditionalist, minimalist, members of the 1%, political powerhouses, Rap songstresses, and women extraordinaires. We are all of these things under the umbrellas of being people of color and being women. We can be any label we want to apply to ourselves and not just the label assigned to us. We are allowed that basic human right.

“I want to give a different perspective to people who have confined us to a box according to our assigned gender and race. “

Forging Ahead:

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So in the continuity of this blog, I would like to document those experiences of women. Especially, women of color who are forging in directions that aren’t traditionally ours to be had. I want to give a different perspective to people who have confined us to a box according to our assigned gender and race. We will continue to be all of the sexy millennial fun of man crush Monday, and we will mix it with the radical faces of women who refuse to be labeled.

“I will work hard to stay true to the new vision and direction we’re headed”

Hey You, Yes You. We’re Looking for you!

We are still looking for contributors that share our vision and that can offer a view into giphy (72)the world of women doing things differently. We also want people who can tell their personal experiences and stories of breaking free or living alternatively. I’m excited to share this new direction with you, and I’m thrilled to share a safe space for women of color to be who they are.  As always, thank you for supporting the blog on WordPress and Social Media. I will work hard to stay true to the new vision and direction we’re headed. I love you Playlisters, Besos!

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Never Have I Ever: Spoiler Alert

Netflix just released Mind Kaling’s much-anticipated teen comedy, Never Have I Ever, and guys…it’s good. I spent the last several hours’ binge-watching what I hoped would be worth my time, and it totally was. This show actually made me want to do high school, and I absolutely hated high school. Finally, there was a show starring people of color that actually stayed true to their background. I don’t know how many Bollywood films I consumed, and wished there was a dark-skinned lead. Then this show falls into my lap. A brazen 15-year old who wants what any other teen her age wants; to be cool in high school. It’s not like the storyline is super unique. We’ve read it or seen it before. Whether it be the legendary cult classics of the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, or today. But, what’s different this time is the characters. They look a lot like us. Their stories are being told, and the uniqueness it brings that gives the plot a twist. I honestly never get tired of this type of teen plot. It’s how the majority of POC wanted to see themselves in high school. Hollywood just wasn’t as open to giving us a lens to see our own selves then. 

Never Have I Ever: been so invested

I could identify totally with Devi’s storyline. I wasn’t exactly a super brainiac but, no one ever accused me of being cool in high school. I wasn’t exactly lame either, just sort of invisible. I had a mom that rode me like a prized stallion on everything. She was definitely strict, and everyone who knew me or my sisters KNEW IT. Not unlike Devi’s mom, she wasn’t afraid to tighten the reigns in front of any of my friends or classmates. Trust me, I wasn’t even half as bad as Maitreyi Ramakrishnan’s character is in this series. I’m not going to lie, I wish I wasn’t the shy kid I was in school. Devi is the type of character I wanted to be. She’s smart, she isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, she isn’t shy. Although she doesn’t have life figured out she fakes it pretty well. I always watched teen movies and wished I had half the adventures that she did. My whole adult life is about seizing opportunities, so regret won’t hunt me. This show does a stellar job at letting me vicariously live through the adorable kid who is Devi Vishwakumar. 

Never Have I Ever: Had Guys That Hott In Highschool

My nose was always in a book in high school. I would always read about guys who were super hott in highschool. You know the teen Adonis’ that writers described in their books. The one we had, graduated with my sister three years earlier. I went to a different school then and she had sort of already planted her flag on him years earlier. Church was another thing. You would think it would be a place where all the guys that looked like future youth pastors went but, uhhh not my church. I’m not going to lie, we had some hotties.

There honestly was no shortage of who you could have a crush on the next week. Like I said, I didn’t start turning anyone’s head until college. So, I could fantasize all I wanted. I wasn’t pulling anything. Devi is cool with Paxton Hall Yoshida who is the hottest guy in the area (not just her school). I’m not even sure the hottest guy in our area or even church area knew I was alive. The other kid who happens to be a brainiac and super-rich isn’t exactly tough on the eye (nowhere near as hott as Paxton) has Devi on his radar. It’s like, “Hello God! Where are my super hott super interesting love interests? Just checking in again.”. 

Never Have I Ever: Wanted Mindy To Bring A Character Back To Life So Bad

This comedy is hilarious as all get out, but it’s also moving. You really connect with all the characters on the passing of Mohan. I think Devi’s reaction to her Dad’s passing is like how I handle situations. I tend to push them back and ignore them. Something I have since worked on because it isn’t the healthiest way to deal with anything. But let’s talk about how our MIP MCM Alum, Sendhil Ramamurthy, is scorching hot. I think you could play a drinking game to the number of times I said, “Omg, your dad is so hott”.  It honestly makes me sad that Mindy on included him as a memory that we’re sure won’t get much more screen time on the show. That part really makes me sad. Oh yeah, and for poor Devi too. 

Never Have I Ever: Wanted Season 2 So Bad

I think this series is one of my new favorite shows. I love a good rom-com, and Mind Kaling is quickly becoming the undisputed queen. I don’t think she has done a show yet that I haven’t liked. All her shows make me wish that I had written it myself! I can’t wait to see what else she is working on, because this series certainly did not disappoint. Like always THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING THE BLOG! Don’t forget to like, follow, comment, and subscribe here as well as all social media! Stay safe and go binge watch some good tv!  Smooches.

The Sexual Revolution Is Not Inclusive

In the last decade,  women have taken control of their sexuality. Sexual urges are natural and something men have long been able to display proudly, while women have had to pretend penises gross them out. Sexually speaking, men are allowed to mature while women have to exit the building in middle school. Men are allowed to explore their sexual identities with several of the women they date. Women, however, are expected to remain chaste and pure. We are also supposed to be able to compete with porn stars once we do become intimate with a man. How I’m supposed to present as a woman who knows not a man (biblically speaking), and yet performs like I’m on the hub (Pornhub) is beyond me. What women are definitely rebelling against is pretending like we don’t like sex, and that we aren’t allowed to enjoy it. Does this mean I want to take up a career in porn? No, it doesn’t, and it also doesn’t mean that I plan on making it part of every conversation I have. What it does mean is that I am in control of my body. Like men, I am allowed to enjoy sex and express that in any way I choose. It also means that I am entitled to not be judged for it, just like men.

History Was Not On Our Side

Black women aren’t afforded the opportunity to express sexuality freely. This has a lot to do with slavery times and a woman named Sarah Baartman. Her experiences and the crimes committed against her are one of the reasons Black Women are sexualized. Even as children, black and Latinx adolescents aren’t looked at as innocent like our other counterparts. We dawn early a stereotype that affects us severely. There is a reason no one took the testimonies of the women involved with R Kelly as teenagers seriously. Even after the series, Surviving R Kelly, when pretty strong evidence was presented; people still called the girls fast. They were “fast” for dealing with a grown man. His supporters didn’t say, he is a predator. Some people denied the allegations swiftly. The blame was placed on the young girls and their parents. “Why don’t they have a documentary on Harvey Weinstein?”, are some of the statements people made to deflect from the crimes Robert Kelly committed against children. People handed over the sex tapes that R Kelly denied existed, and you know what was said in the comments of the social media posts of The Shade Room? “The people who handed them over should also go to jail, since they had them too.”. In my opinion, these were statements that were made to condemn anyone willing to speak against Kelly, and not applaud their bravery. Guess who were saying these things? Other black people. 

Opportunity to Evolve in Sexuality

You know what else other black people do? Shame women for saying things like “I’m having a hott girl summer”. Apparently, men are the only ones allowed to be single for the summer and explore their opportunities. When women, especially black women, do it, memes pop up about them not caring for their children, being dirty or being on food stamps. Anytime a black woman expresses herself freely concerning her sexuality, her character is attacked. Pick me culture (women who want to be chosen by men so they agree with everything they say, or show how capable they are of being with them) doesn’t help. Women attack other women instead of uniting with them. Not because they totally agree with chastity, but because being chosen means proving that they are not like these other women. There is no solidarity in the notion that women have a right to choose what she does with her body. Because now, the thought of what another woman chooses to do with her body affects them. She is tied to us in our blackness. She represents all of us. She has to be shamed openly in order to protect their standing with society and other men. Black women should be afforded the same sexual revolution within feminism as our white counterparts. Black women should afford ourselves the same opportunities in the sexual revolution. Black women should allow themselves to be looked at as individuals. We are not monolithic and my sister’s evolution is her growth, and my evolution is mine. 

K- Dramas 101

I started watching Korean Dramas to “learn Korean”. Let me explain the quotations. I always wanted to live overseas for a short while to experience other cultures. Working overseas is one of the best ways to do exactly that. I wanted to learn the language because South Korea is the first country I wanted to live while experiencing life abroad. My language pals would always tell me the best way to learn their language was to watch dramas. One small problem with that. No one told me that Disney Fairy Tales and Life Time birthed a bouncing baby named K-Dramas. I certainly didn’t know I would watch them for 3 years and only learn a few phrases. The limited knowledge I possesed came through practicing Hangul. I honestly believe I could be further along if I stay disciplined with practicing Hangul and using dramas for pronunciation. But, that’s a discussion for another time. I came here to discuss the other things I learned from Korean dramas. It may help you if you ever find yourself watching them to “learn the language” like me.  I jotted down a few things that I noticed when I delved into the world of South Korean Dramas. So without further ado, here is my playlist on Korean Drama World:

You’ll Suddenly Start Craving Korean Food

I have watched tons of Korean Dramas and they are constantly eating noodles, sweet potatoes, Korean barbeque, dumplings, rice cakes, kimchi, or black bean noodles. I either end up having a craving for Ramen or a dish I’ve never actually eaten. The meal always looks like it was created by a chef no matter who makes it. The people always eat it like its the best thing they’ve ever had. The most important part is, I’m always hungry. Korean Dramas are giant food commercials. Whether they intend to sell you a food item or not, they’ve sold it to you. You’ll just have to deal with this fact.


I don’t know what it is about the K drama world, but women are constantly walking into traffic. Sort of like New York City, the streets of Korean Drama Seoul and Busan are always busy. I’m sure this is the case in real life because these are major cities in Korea. You’ll start to notice that the Heroins in the story always walk blindly into traffic. Not in a calculated way where you watch the cars and sprint. Nope, we’re talking about in a distracted, head in the clouds, airhead kind of way. To any normal person, it’s common sense to pay attention to dangerous situations like traffic. In the K-Drama world, you’ll either end up in a hospital or be saved by your K-Drama prince. Either way, whether there is an accident because the Heroin is staring doe-eyed at the car that will hit her from a half a mile away, is not the main character’s problem. That’s a problem for the lesser characters that will end up in the mess.


Hospitals are HUGE in Korean dramas. Someone will have a medical emergency at some point in the series. Whether the character ends up in a coma from a serious or superficial injury, it’s inevitable. The annoying part is when the Heroin receives a slight superficial injury no greater than a scratch. Trust me, this will throw everyone into a fit scrambling to help her. She’ll probably end up in the hospital and she’ll lay in the bed like she’s going to die. The scratch won’t produce enough blood to feed a mosquito. She is a delicate flower. The delicate flower must be protected at all costs., Bonus points if the character has amnesia. Good luck not being frustrated if it’s not because the character fainted from something ridiculous. The crazy part is, they’re always showing up to work with the flu. 

The Separation Period 

If you are watching a K Drama, and your character is in love, don’t get attached. I can guarantee you that there will be a period of time where your loving pair will be apart. It will be miserable for all parties involved (including you) and you’ll hate the writers. This separation period can be an ongoing occurrence that happens every other episode, it could even be in the form of a coma or amnesia. However, nothing says “Congratulations you’ve received your separation notice” like going abroad.  If the main character is a Chaebol, Omma and Appa are sending them away. Hopefully, they can grow a pair and get out of it. More than likely, not. 

To Be Continued

 Korean dramas will leave you hanging. I mean this literally. Have your favorite characters kissed yet? Are they about to find out about a huge secret? TO BE CONTINUED! It’s one of the biggest causes of loss of sleep amongst drama watchers. Why? It’s not because you’ll be up all night contemplating the next episode. Most Korean Dramas that are offered abroad have already filmed the entire season. Which means you’ll end up on a binge and have 4 hours before you have to be up for work. The good news is, you’ll learn to be strong and turn the drama off. And no, you can’t just watch the first 15 mins and turn it off. Trust me, you’ll end up finishing the entire thing. Are you a fan of K- Dramas or international dramas? Sound off in the comment section below! I want to hear about your playlist of things that happen according to you. 

Hey, You: Penn Badgley is MCM

When the rest of the internet was making goo-goo eyes at the character Joe Goldberg of You, I was scratching my head. Sure, the jokes were hilarious, “He be killing people & still be able to text back. Don’t settle for less ladies”. Despite the jokes being relatable, I honestly didn’t think he was hott in the beginning. I even talked to my sister about it in length, and she agreed. He was “ok looking” in my opinion, but I had a hard time getting past the crazy. My sister was the first to sip the Kool-aid. 

After completing all but 2 episodes of the second season of the Netflix drama she announces, “Saran, I get it now”. I gave her a sideways glance, “What exactly is there to get?”. So, she then goes into all the reasons why he would make a good boyfriend “murder aside”. I still wasn’t biting. Joe Goldberg is a sociopath, and I don’t think crazy is hott. Let me take that back, I thought Jared Leto was a hott Joker. Actually, Jared Leto as the Joker was my MCM one week. The difference is, the Joker is a fictional fantasy comic book crazy. I’m sure there are psychopaths that are similar to the Joker, but the packaging isn’t realistic. Joe Goldberg is realistically crazy. His story may be fiction but I’ve come across a few obsessive guys on the news and in real life. Joe is a little to close to home. However, Pen Badgley is bae. I read an article from Variety Magazine where he was interviewed by Gina Rodriguez. His response to her statement may have just turned me into his character, Joe. I even did a version of his monologue in my head, “Oh, I see you made a comment, and not just any comment. A comment on privilege. Maybe you’re the one, the one who truly understands me. Your comment brought you to me. Hello, You.” I’m joking of course(insert laughing crying emoji). It’s a bit of dark humor for you.

Gina Rodriguez says, “All I could read was about the desire for your character. And your character’s not great.” His response is perfect, “I think the logline on Lifetime was ‘How far are you willing to go for love?’ But I was always like, ‘No, that’s not what that is.’ To me it’s like, ‘How far are we willing to go to forgive an evil white man?’” He is the kind of woke I look for in a non-black partner. I saw a man who understands race and privilege. It’s ironic that he gave that comment to Gina Rodriguez, who manages to stick her foot in her mouth at every turn. It surprised me even less that her follow up was, “What’s up with your crazy eyes”. I’m like, Girl… what?. Here was her opportunity to expand on the topic of race and privilege. She even had a soapbox on this topic several times, despite her attacking the wrong group of people (we’ll talk about that some other time). Her response was to deflect. It’s almost as if the response made her, dare I say, uncomfortable? Like a true man crush, he recovers. Badgley again takes the opportunity to delve deeper into his initial response. When Gina says, “ I make crazy expressions on ‘Jane’. They’re always pulled from somebody I saw on a train in New York.”  Penn responds, “That’s totally foreign to me. I don’t find it difficult to access what apparently people define as creepiness or even rage. Somehow people find it more roguish and charming. It’s like, “I’m killing people in the next scene.” And maybe there’s something to that, that we’re not evolved enough yet not to be attracted. This is the evil-white-man thing.

The cultural norms incline us to forgive a certain kind of person, namely someone who looks like myself, less so someone who looks like you. The titular character in my case is someone who is doing unforgivable things, and yet we keep performing backflips to figure out how it is that we’re going to forgive him. I got a lot of responses on Twitter. Just a lot of what we like to call thirsty.” Guys, I can’t make this up. Gina Rodriguez’s response is literally, “Oh, yeah.” She finally takes the bait after he continues his response and talks about the Latinx community.  

I just really stan him after he doubled down on his opportunity. He shined a light on the subject of race and privilege, this is almost unheard of from someone who looks like him. It’s refreshing to see that he sees the differences in perspective. He knows people view him differently versus someone of color. This is exactly the thing people accuse black people of pulling the race card on. It’s the thing that makes us look like we’re overreacting for mentioning. I was shocked that he has this kind of insight. I was even more surprised that he would use an opportunity on a major platform to talk about it. Here is to my MCM this week. May his message not fall on deaf ears. 

Covid-19 Dating for Dummies

Hey guys, we’re trapped in the house and you happened upon my blog. Welcome! You will also notice that I haven’t posted as much. I’m sorry about that, it is my sincerest apologies. I’ll try to get back to posting a few times a month. With all that said, let’s discuss Covid-19 Dating. We’re out here single, dating or otherwise and Miss Rona done thew a monkey wrench in our plans. In layman’s terms, Corona has shut down our lives as we know it and dating is one of those things. I have gotten only God knows how many offers to Quarantine and Chill via dating sites. I don’t know about anybody else, but you might as well have told me, let’s play Corona roulette. It’s like hooking up with a stranger, but instead of worrying about just catching gonorrhea or her any of her freaky friends; now we’ve added a serious airborne virus to the party. Just say you want to be STI ridden zombies infected by Covid and call it a day.

Miss Rona If You’re Nasty

Social distancing is affecting the possibility of finding the love of your life, or maybe just the lay of the night. If you are trying to be a responsible adult and stop the spread of the virus, that also means no going on dates or hooking up. You may even be throwing dollar bills at a stripper on your laptop right now. If it’s gotten that serious already, then God bless your little heart. I don’t know what you will do if you’re stuck home for a few weeks to months. We’re all out here just trying to make the best of a terrible situation. I’m here to give you some ideas on how just like work, you can date from home. Let’s not make this time any longer and drawn out by isolating ourselves any more than we need to. You could have one of those love stories that start off, “It all started with a virus and some toilet paper”. Then you’ll hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes as a montage plays before you.  It doesn’t sound lovey-dovey, but it will be interesting at the least.

Snapchat Anyone?

This doesn’t sound sexy, but frankly, neither does catching or passing a virus. So, digital we go. Say you meet a nice person online and you want to talk to them face to face but in a casual way. You basically want the Starbucks dates of video chat. Well, this is where Snapchat and Instagram come in super handy. You get to confirm this person is who for the most part who they say they are. You don’t have to put the pressure of the continuous stream of conversation video chat may bring. You can just shoot them a video message in your casual wear and flirt a little. Although, picking out an outfit and putting yourself together may help pass the time. There is no added pressure of having to respond back rapidly. There is also the bonus of getting a general gauge of your chemistry as a couple.

Let’s Skype It!

If your video messages go well, then how about taking things up a notch? Let’s go for the full-blown video date. Let’s make it interesting, shall we? Instead of just a formal chat, how about we make it an actual coffee date. Or even, you can both agree on a meal item and each prepares it on camera while you chat. If just sitting for a set amount of time and having long convos on the chat is your thing, then have at it. However, grabbing a glass of wine over dinner or dessert sounds a lot more interesting. Just because you’re quarantined doesn’t mean you can’t be romantic, spontaneous or even imaginative. Maybe you can’t go to the park and have a picnic, but you can take your camera to your balcony and set up a blanket and lunch. Maybe show your date a little of what you see outdoors. If you’re only good at making Ramen noodles, show your date how you prepare yours. The possibilities are endless, and it could lead to some interesting conversations outside of the norm.

Netflix Date at 3pm, Your time?

I’ve done this one a few times and it was GREAT! I’m sure a few of you have even watched a movie with friends with apps like Watch2gether, Rabbit and Netflix Party. If you aren’t tech-savvy it’s going to take some planning but you can make it happen. Just find the movie that you both want to watch and press play at the same time. I’ve done this with dates who didn’t speak the same first language as me and it worked perfectly. We found movie titles that were available in both languages and pressed play at the same time. We were able to talk a little about what we would do differently in various situations. It was also good to talk about what we liked and didn’t like about the movie. It will surprise you what you can learn about someone just by sharing a meal or a movie.  Gone are the days where dating only by video chat is weird. It’s no longer a luxury we can afford. We are now officially in a time where dating before ever being in the same room is a thing. I just hope these ideas will help pass the time while you’re under lockdown. Happy dating everyone!

As always, thank you for reading the blog! Don’t forget to follow us on social media, subscribe, like, and comment! We love hearing from you. Please visit our sponsors at vinividivicilabel.com and check out the latest fashions for your next digital date!

Sussex: Thomas Markle is the Worst

The Royals are everywhere you click on the internet, and this site is no exception. An article popped up in the notifications if my phone that made me smh (shake my head). The subject was of course about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Specifically, Meghan’s dad Thomas Markle, who can’t seem to stay out of the limelight. I’m not sure what his deal is, but he sure has a hard-on for making his daughter’s life difficult. It’s weird because according to an article, Meghan and her dad were actually on good terms. He paid for her private school and some college fees. He also used his skills as a lighting director to help her as an aspiring actress, including getting her a small part on General Hospital. Which is why it’s so weird that now he is more than willing to sell photos to tabloids. Let alone, become so vocal and friendly with the press.

Toxic Thomas Markle Enters the Chat

The only connection I’m going to make with Kendra Wilkinson and Meghan Markle is how toxic their parents seem to be. Kendra’s mom and Meghan’s dad should have a race on who can sell their kid out to the tabloids the fastest. It’s utterly ridiculous that people who have toxic parents have to live their family drama out for the world to see. It’s almost like the parent is jealous that their child achieved the type of success that they wish they had. I find it goes one of two ways, the parent either makes the child fulfill a dream they had and turn them into one of those weird child stars. Or, they rat their famous child out to tabloid blogs and media for whatever slice of 15-minute fame that they can obtain. Thomas’s first known offense is when photos were published of him just before Meghan’s royal wedding. In a 2018 article, Harpers Bazaar discussed how Thomas faked paparazzi photos of him preparing for Meghan’s royal wedding. 

 Absent from The Royal Affair

Charlie Proctor shared a tweet that said, BREAKING: Kensington Palace has released a statement following the news that Thomas Markle will no longer be attending the #RoyalWedding.  Kensington palace sighted Thomas’s absence from the wedding would be due to health problems. However, Thomas spoke to TMZ and said himself that it was due to him selling photos to paparazzi in what he considered to be “stupid and hammy”. You would think this incident would set him on the straight and narrow, but guess who reappeared? That’s right, Thomas. He has given several interviews since this first incident. Most recently of him giving his 2 cents on Meghan and Prince Harry making the decision to step back from their royal duties. He apparently thinks that his daughter and her husband are turning the British Royal Family into “Walmart with a crown on it”. 

Thomas Markle On Her Coat Tail

What I find the saddest about Meghan’s estranged relationship with her father is that they were in a good place before all of this. It has long been known that money and fame can turn even the most decent people into circus clowns. However, I would like to know what happened to make Thomas turn against his daughter so quickly. All of the research I’ve done concerning he and his daughter include him being a decent parent before the royal wedding. I’m betting my money on him being a good father, but a terrible person before that point.

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

You know, the type of person that is really only decent to their children. But, you could count on them to turn into the Grinch with anyone else? I can’t say that Thomas Markle is even one of those people. He comes off as sincere with his approach, just like a regular concerned person who wants the best. However, what he is doing is anything but. Meghan has a tough relationship with the media. As her father, you would think he would want to protect her in any way that he could. I would describe Meghan’s dad as the first person to sign up and throw her under the bus. Despite, pretending to be sorry that he sold his pictures of himself getting ready for her wedding to The Daily Mail. It seems to me that her father is looking to secure his own bag through his daughter. 


It’s going to be tough for Thomas Markle to get any information on his daughter for now. It won’t surprise me if he takes another route to get media attention. Once the Royals take their final bow in front of the media storm that is Megxit and their duties are officially over in the spring of this year, there should be less coverage of the Sussex’s. Meghan’s dad could be called to testify against his daughter in a lawsuit involving a British Tabloid. It won’t surprise me if he uses this opportunity to fan the flames. Nor, will it surprise me if this is the final nail in their father-daughter relationship coffin. I wish the best always, but this isn’t looking good.

Kobe Bryant Has Passed Away at 41

It was reported Sunday morning at 10 am pacific time that legendary basketball star, Kobe Bryant and his daughter were involved in a helicopter crash. They are amongst seven other people that were on board. The scene took place in a residential neighborhood in Calabasas, California that resulted in a fire. There were no survivors.  TMZ was the first to break the news. A Los Angels County Sheriff has condemned TMZ for breaking the news of Kobe and Giana’s death before their families found out. Along with Bryant and his daughter was Orange Coast College Baseball coach, John Altobelli. It was later confirmed that Altobelli’s wife and daughter were also among the nine killed in the crash. Names were slowly released Sunday of those involved in the accident. Thankfully, the names of the other victims will not be released until their families are notified. 

The Helicopter Kobe Bryant  Boarded

A spokesperson from the National Transportation Safety Board has said that the Helicopter crashed under unknown circumstances. It was reported that firefighters worked to contain the 40-acre brush fire that resulted from the crash of the Sikorsky s-76b. Chief Darryl Osby told reporters the fire was difficult to contain due to the presence of magnesium which reacts to oxygen and water. ABC News reported the paramedics on board were hoisted down to the scene but were not able to locate any survivors. “‘Witnesses who were mountain biking in the area saw the helicopter in distress’, Los Angeles County Fire Capt. Tony Imbrenda told reporters. ‘It is not known whether the pilot alerted over radio that the aircraft was in distress’, Imbrenda said.” 

Kobe’s Helicopter Flew into a Mountain

“The twin-engine helicopter, which took off from Orange County at 9:06 am pacific time.  flew north over Los Angeles, according to flight-tracking data from Flightradar24, and looped west into the Santa Monica Mountains, where it was descending at an extremely rapid rate of 4,200 feet per minute from 1,700 feet when data cut out.” Flightradar24.com is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. Flightradar24 tracks 180,000 plus flights, from more than 1,200 airlines, flying to or from 4,000 airports around the world in real-time.

Sheriff Press Conference Transcript

“There was wide speculation who the identities are, however it is being entirely inappropriate right now to identify anyone by name until the coroner has made the identification through their very deliberate process and they’ve made notification to their next of kin.”, the sheriff said. “And it would be extremely disrespectful to understand that your loved one has perished until you’ve learned about it from TMZ. We’re going to wait until the coroner does his job and we’re assisting the families that believe they’ve been impacted and it’s a tough process. Our hope goes out to all members who were on board, all the families of everyone who was on board the aircraft, and God bless their souls.” The sheriff spoke of Kobe Bryant and the other people boarded on the helicopter concerning the news broken by TMZ.

Farewells to Kobe Bryant

“Today is one of the saddest days in my lifetime”, Dwayne Wade posted on Instagram. “It seems like a bad dream”, Wade tearfully expressed. Fans recanted stories of memories of Bryant’s career and his influence. “LA sleeps with a heavy heart tonight”, one fan wrote. T.I wrote, “ Heartbreakingly painful to hear this. My family’s hearts go out to Mrs.Bryant & their beautiful children. Life’s too short man. Love hard on your children & family & live every day like your last. Try to remind yourself to teat the people you love like you’ll never see them again. You never know…Prayers up for the Bryants.” Many fans are mourning the late basketball legend. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks will be retiring number 24 in honor of Kobe. “Kobe’s legacy transcends basketball, and our organization has decided that the number 24 will never be worn again by a Dallas Maverick”. The Lakers have retired his numbers as well. Sunday, the legendary player has also become the only player in NBA history to have two numbers, 8 & 24, retired in his behalf by the same team. My heart also goes out to the Bryant family as well as his close friends. Kobe Bryant is survived by his wife, Vanessa Bryant as well as his three remaining children Natalia, Bianka and Capri

MCM Alum Godfrey Gao, Dead at 35

Godfrey Gao, Taiwanese – Canadian Actor, and supermodel died while filming the reality show, Follow Me, in China. According to news outlets Gao collapsed during the filming of a Chinese reality show. Cameras surrounded him after he collapsed, thinking it was apart of the show. Taiwanese News, citing Chinese news outlets reported that an audience member heard Gao shout, “I can’t carry on,” before he fell to the ground. According to The Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily, CPR was applied at the scene before the actor-model was sent to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. He died at Li Huili Hospital in eastern Ningbo after nearly 3 hours of first aid. 

Godfrey Gao was born September 22, 1984 in Tapei Taiwan, and later moved to Vancouver with his family at a young age. Gao would later return to Taiwan where he would begin his modeling career. He became the first Asian model for Louis Vuitton’s menswear. The ad campaign was with a Damier Graphite “ELVIS” bag from the label’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. He has knabbed television and film roles in both the United States and China. He passed away on November 27th in China while filming his latest project. He was 35 years old. 

Hott Bollywood Actors You Need to Know

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been busy writing wonderful pieces for other amazing sites. I’ve left you without a Man Crush Monday, a Zaddy of the Week or a Man Crush Weekly for far too long. So instead of giving you one, I’m giving you 4. I would like to dedicate this thirsty piece to a few Indian actors I’ve seen in Bollywood films. It’s an excuse for me to talk about hott guys, but to also put a spotlight on men who don’t get recognized as much in the U.S..

South Asia tends to get left out of the conversation when it comes to the AM in AMBW. South Asia is also left out of the conversation in the United States when it comes to Asia. Here in the U.S., when Asian men have a role they aren’t the love interest. Even if the Asian man amongst his cast members is the hotter option, he is made to look like the unattractive guy with the stereotypical accent. I’m here to possibly change your mind about the beauty of men of color. So without further ado, 4 reason you should watch Bollywood films. 

Varun DhawanScreenshot_20190730-132526

According to Forbes India’s Celebrity 100, he is one of the country’s highest-paid actors since 2014. Not only is he reportedly rolling in the big bucks, but he is also undeniably hott. Bollywood royalty is in his blood as he is the son of David Dhawan, an Indian film director. His brother, Rohit Dhawan, is also in the business as a film director and his uncle Anil Dhawan is an actor. He debuted in 2012, in the film Student of the Year

Vicky Kaushal

Screenshot_20190730-132659I first saw him in Bollywood films on Netflix such as Lust Stories and Love per Square Foot. As well as a host of other films that I can’t spell without looking them up. However, for Vicky I will learn Hindi and tell you every last one (insert Lol here). Vicky Kaushal is yet another Indian actor born to a Hindi director, Sham Kaushal. He went on to play minor characters before his big break with supporting roles in two of the highest-grossing Hindi films in 2018, Raazi and Sanju (currently streaming on Netflix). Not only is he easy on the eye, but he is no dummy. He pursued an Engineering degree from the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology. 

Ranveer Singh

Screenshot_20190730-132744If you haven’t seen this guy on two of his infamous movie clips on Facebook, let me introduce you. This man is a smoke show if I ever have seen one, but if you are inclined to disagree you can at least enjoy his flair and showmanship. He has three Filmfare Awards, amongst other awards. He also shares a spot with Varun Dhawan on Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 since 2012. He also is one of the highest-paid actors in India. 

Hrithik Roshan

Screenshot_20190730-132839Hrithik has been appearing in films as a child actor since the 1980s. He has even collaborated with his father, Rakesh Roshan, in movies. His resume is impressive as one of India’s highest grossing actors. He’s won several awards including six Filmfare Awards. He has worked as assistant director on his father’s films and he is known for his dancing skills. He is as generous as he is handsome as he is involved in several humanitarian causes. The good news is he’s over 40, so feel free to lust in peace.

If this list didn’t introduce you to a few of India’s most handsome men, at the very least it has inspired you to check out Bollywood. I love watching international films. Not only does it help a little with satisfying my need for world culture, but it can escape the traditional Hollywood storyline narrative and film style. What’s your favorite Bollywood film? Comment below!


MCM: Riverdale’s Charles Melton

Do you know what day it is????? It’s Man Crush Monday and this one is long deserved. IScreenshot_20190311-152729 should have featured this guy right after Cole Sprouse. Today, I am rewriting my wrongs. He needs to know that I see him. I’ve always seen him, and if one day we cross paths the answer is yes. Yes, I will be Mrs. Charles Melton. Hey Playlisters! I binged watched a little of Riverdale this weekend. I wasn’t able to even make a dent because duty calls. I was able to watch 2 episodes and I had to ask myself. Well, honestly I asked Veronica but we all know she can’t hear me. I acknowledge that it is more the writer’s fault because she isn’t real. But, I have to know, Veronica how do you work around Reggie and not want to jump his bones? It boggles me. So, I’ll ask the actress that plays Veronica, Camila Mendes. Camila, how do you work around your boyfriend and not want to abandon the storyline. Camila, you’ve made a stellar choice. If you would have dated Archie in real life, then I would have to take you off of my faves list.

What can I say? Charles Melton is HOTT. Riverdale, if the only reason you hired him is Screenshot_20190311-152753eye candy then Camila and I thank you. I mean, yes. He is a great actor, but besides that…he’s hot. Sorry to go into a rabbit hole right now, but Veronica…girl. Reggie is 6 feet. Archie is only 5’11, and he wines a lot. Your dad wants to kill him. Reggie is the obvious choice. Again, I get it…the writers. I know. Anywho this leads me back on track with what I was saying. Charles Melton is in the 6-foot club.  Again Camila, excellent choice. That’s why I like her. She makes excellent choices.

Ok back to his talent. He will be in a few upcoming projects. The Sun Is Also a Star co-starring another MIP fave, Yara Shahidi. It is in theaters in May 2019. He will also be in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence; set to be in theaters 2020. I’m glad he’s making great career moves because I’ll be able to look at him longer. So other than he’s talented, tall and hott that’s it for your MCM.

As always, thank you for supporting the blog! Don’t forget to check us out, and Like, Comment and Subscribe on all social media. You guys are the bestest, and don’t you forget it! Basos!

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