Relationships are Black and White: My Story of ditching the Rules

NP: Black or White – Michael Jackson, Dangerous

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I always followed the beat of my own drum in the romance department. I didn’t see a lot of people like me on television growing up. So, I was indeed unique. As a kid my extended family members would always whisper to each other how I (liked white boys). The kicker is, I had not done anything to make them think so. As a matter of fact, I spent most of my adolescence trying to subconsciously convince my parents that I wasn’t attracted to anyone (my parents were strict…really strict). It actually ended up going the opposite way, my mom was convinced I was a lesbian. Which wasn’t true either but, me growing up in a religious household made that belief come with another set of issues. I won’t even get started on what I was accused of, lol. I can’t figure out how she came up with that to this day. She went through my room everyday when I was at school. So, I’m almost POSITIVE she came across that hidden picture of Johnathan Taylor Thomas in my room. Before I go into the whole, me liking guys who didn’t look like me, thing.  I’ll go into why I was hiding the fact that I liked guys. After all it’s pretty much a natural fact that eventually most people will be attracted to someone.

Jesus of Suburbia- Green Day

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I had the worlds strictest parents in the history of parents. My parents were strict and afrocentric when I was growing up. My mom was the one who raised my sisters and I, because my dad worked a lot. My older sister pretty much laid half of the groundwork for why myself and my other 2 sisters weren’t allowed to do much. Hell, I wasn’t even allowed to think my own thoughts my mom was so strict. To this day, I still have no idea how she got away with half of the things that she did. Or even, why my sister would attempt it. My parents are full believers of whoopins (not spankings, I think that word is too soft. Also, yes I know it’s technically whippings but this is the word most people I know use). I’m pretty sure we all got them all the way up to 17 or 18. I was scared shitless, but apparently my other 3 sisters weren’t because they did things I didn’t have the balls to attempt. So, basically boys were bad. So, basically even 4-year-old me knew that if boys were bad then liking boys that didn’t look like me were worse.

Everybody Knows – Leonard Cohen

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So, pretty much everyone could sense that I was into guys that didn’t have my coloring. All I knew was that I was always attracted to all kinds of guys, guys of different colors and cultures. The very first boy who I liked was a Mexican boy that went to my catholic preschool. He dressed like Zorro without the cape, lol. Hey, don’t judge it was a different time. I’m pretty sure no one knew I liked him though. I’ve been introverted my whole life so I wasn’t blabbing about who I was into to the world. My one sister knew, but we are only a few years apart and we shared a room for a while. I was pretty much like every 90’s middle school cliché that wrote in her diary while looking out her window on her window seat. Minus the diary, because I am a internalizer. I internalize my shit, lol. I wrote stories down, but not feelings. I couldn’t have a paper trail. Remember, my mom went through my room everyday that I went off to school. Also minus the window seat. I wanted one sooooo bad. I wanted to do major middle school shit from my window. I was also in elementary school. So, there was that. My next crush was this gorgeous dark complected guy. I liked him for a little while when I was younger. He went to my church, and sense I lived there…yeah a lot of stories happened there. Most of them with me as the lookout or accomplice. My sister was a rebel. Another story for another time, lol.

Modern Day Romance- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

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Now,  I’m pretty forward about my interest in men of all cultural backgrounds. I lived with the whispers long enough to not care. I’m sure at this stage in my life my parents are just glad that I may reproduce soon. You would be surprised to see the way parents evolve into acceptance when they think you may be alone forever, lol. Also, we live in a different time. Examples of different relationship types are everywhere. I think because we now see these relationships everywhere we are becoming more accepting as a society. At the very least society is becoming desensitized to it.  Dating has come a very long way, and I’m also a millennial adult. People are more forthcoming about who gets their party going to their loved ones and friends. I’m interested in documenting my past/ present experiences as well as knowledge that I’ve come across with the rest of you.  I know most of you are looking for ways to chart the territories of modern-day dating. I look forward to seeing this blog evolve and see where it can take us. I hope I can make you laugh, have some great discussions and you leave feeling a little better afterwards or at least make you think. Lol! I love you guys. Hit that replay button on the playlist if you need a second go around. Don’t forget to Like this post and Subscribe to the blog! Feel free to comment your thoughts to the post! Bye! Besos!

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MCM: Brad James

It’s everybody’s favorite Man Crush Monday, and I have to give you an MCM that I can Screenshot_20180514-120257vouch for in real life. He’s an actor, and I first saw him on Tyler Perry’s For Better or for Worse. I watched the first season and honestly stopped. However, I never forget a face or a fine one at that. No, I don’t know him personally (but I would like to *wink *wink). Seriously, I have definitely seen him around and the pictures match the irl (in real life). And really, that’s all you can ask for in 2018 when filters are everywhere.

Brad is 36 years old according to Wikipedia (the source my Screenshot_20180514-120335professors would not let me use in college, lol) and he certainly doesn’t look it. I always guessed slightly younger, but that’s a good thing for a man making his living in the entertainment industry. He has been around for awhile and you may have seen him early on in commercials for Walmart or even Auto Trader. He’s currently working on the Superstition on the SyFy network and I have a feeling  you’ll see him even more in the future. Just remember that if you don’t know who he is, I told you about him first (and I had him first, jk jk).  I’m honestly glad he has an Instagram, because every time I get on it’s like I have a little treat waiting for me. Keep the pictures coming they make my day. Hey Brad James, I have a crush on you… irl. lol

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MCM: Dear White People’s Brandon P. Bell aka Troy Fairbanks

I tried something new last week and it TANKED big time. Screenshot_20180507-135547However, it’s a new week, everyone’s favorite Man Crush Monday is back this week and BOY do I have a thirst trap for you today. He plays Troy Fairbanks legacy Winchester student and son to Dean Walter Fairbanks. He is basically walking man candy and everyone on campus lets him know it. He get’s more tail than any man can stand based on his legacy status, projective future, and devilish good looks.

Brandon P. Bell, resident pretty boy of Netflix’s Dear White People is MIP certifiably hott.Screenshot_20180507-135838 I’m not sure that there is a person on this actual planet that doesn’t know it. I actually find myself in every episode saying, “Troy is so fine”, and in the famous words of fictional editor Silvio Romo, “You can quote me.”.

For the people who aren’t aware of the series, Dear White People, firstly you should definitely check it out. It’s hands down one of the best Netflix series out there. Secondly just to give you an overview it was originally a movie who followed Samantha White, a college student living in AP Hall at Winchester University. She is of mixed ethnicity raised by a white father and a black mother. She comes to the university and get’s more in touch with her blackness through the Black Student League. She creates a popular radio podcast show titled, Dear White People, that points out the major and minor racist incidents on campus.  Several episodes of the Netflix series follow recurring characters on the show that tie into the greater storyline.


I for one am very thankful to the show for bringing Brandon Bell on the show, and Screenshot_20180507-135908because it’s on Netflix I can watch him as much as I want. If you still aren’t convinced to watch the show, just know that he is naked…a lot. Also, I would like to note for the people that are familiar with this show that Season 2 is up now. Hey Brandon P. Bell aka Troy Fairbanks I have a crush on you!

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Why there is no MCM this week

Hey Playlisters, I’ve been floating the idea for a while to have a Zaddy of the Week that isn’t a celebrity (as of yet, lol). Every week I feature someone who is known in the social/media sphere. This week, I wanted to find a guy who is a little less known. If you know of someone or if you yourself would like to be featured please email me at or shoot me a DM via Instagram or our facebook page. In the email tell me a little about yourself (first name, social media, age, schooling, job, hobbies, past and or current charities, relationship status and any additional info you would like to include). I really will like to make this a thing so feel free to reblog, repost, share this blog. If you submit and you’re not chosen this week there is still a possibility that you are featured for an upcoming blog. I would really like to make this a thing on the blog. I took a slight gamble by not featuring anyone for MCM since that’s sort of my thing.  I’m really excited to hear from you guys! As always thank you for supporting the blog and don’t forget to check us out on social media! Besos!

MCM: On My Block’s Diego Tinoco

Screenshot_20180423-145948WHAT DAY IS IT?!!! It’s everyone’s favorite, MCM. Where I provide you with one person to thirst after. You know him as Lil’ Spooky, and I knew him as underage…until I found out he wasn’t. It totally went from, “Oh, he’s cute”. After discovering he was legal it was, “Heeeeyyyyy Spooky Jr.”.

Screenshot_20180423-145815I mean, provided the guy who plays his very sexy cholo older brother is my first, On My Block, love(I love you Spooky)…he definitely comes in a hard second. I recently come across a few of his Instagram account where he provides some very lovely modelesque pictures for us to fangirl over, and trust me I’m appreciative. I actually made him my Man Crush Sunday on my Instagram account. I think I was a little more than overjoyed when I saw that he liked the post (call me, lol).

Basically, I said all of this to say that I’m really thankful that he is old enough for me to write this post on. Screenshot_20180423-150053I was steering clear of it for a little bit until I confirmed his legality. Lord knows I don’t need to be locked up because I wrote a post on a 15-year old, lol. Also, gross. Cesar, I can’t wait to watch you and Spooky on the next season of On My Block. Diego Tinoco, I have a little crush on you.

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MCM: Drake

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the week! MAN CRUSH MONDAY! I have a long-standing crush to settle because he went from being Aubrey to Papi.Screenshot_20180416-152716 A few years ago he went from singing Marvin’s Room to looking like, new phone who dis? It’s no other than my forever Champagne Papi, Aubrey Drake Grahm. The man I sometimes refer to as Zaddy, because well…look at him.

I mean the swag came from out of nowhere. He went from being this kid from Toronto that used to be on Degrassi to being this hulked up champagne sipping pappi. Zaddy has the juice. I’m just saying, I like juice. If Drake were on Tinder (and don’t let me find out he is) I would super like him. I would click that blue star so fast it would spin.

I think what made him even sexier are the two songs he has recently come out with. Screenshot_20180416-152510The music video for God’s Plan showed us how kind-hearted and charitable he is. His mom has appeared to have raised him right. However, when Nice For What came out and he not only made a song uplifting women but the video featured all A-list women in Hollywood I knew he was the man of my dreams. He’s basically perfect. Hey Aubrey Graham, I have a HUGE crush on you.

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Nice For What? Twitter is feeling the New Age Feminist Ballad.


Nice For What by Drake ft. Big Freedia dropped and the internet was READYYYYYYYY.  The song itself is a sample of the legendary Lauryn Hill’s song, The Ex Factor and featured New Orlean’s Bounce artist, Big Freedia (The Queen Diva **in my Big Freedia voice “You Already Knoooooow!”)The music video featured A-list actresses that are basically the embodiment of strong women. My personal faves are Issa Rae and Rashida Jones, but I love all of them. Even Tiffany Haddish made a cameo in the video. The song has everyone hype and everyone, especially women are basically like:

happy turn up GIF by Originals-source

It’s literally the Feminist ballad we knew we needed, but didn’t know how much we needed it. I’ve listened to it on repeat myself since it dropped and I’m not sorry.  I never identified with a song soooooo hard in my life (except when I was 12 and Mariah “I don’t know her” Carey came out with, Always Be My Baby). However, it looks like I’m not the only one.

Women were like:



This girl who basically took the words right out of my mouth:


There is this girl who felt the reassurance through the speakers:


However, there was this guy who shared his thoughts about women who didn’t fit the tax bracket of what he perceived to be the qualifier for the song:



And there was this guy who felt personally attacked:


However, I think we can all agree with this twitter user:


I just want to get my MF roll on to this song until I can’t anymore:

wonder woman beyonce GIF-source


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“That’s a real one in your reflection, without a follow without a mention”

-Nice For What, Drake
















MCM: Netflix The Originals’ Charles Michael Davis (Marcel Gerard)

Guess what day it is?!?!? It’s my favorite time of the week, and this is no new crush. michael sassy model GIF-source (1)This is a long-standing crush I’ve had for awhile. This man is hotter than fish grease, and I think I reminded him through the screen at least 12 times an episode (I’m midway through season 2 so that’s a lot lol). I have so many reasons to crush. I’ve seen other projects he’s done and he always displays confidence in charm in each character he plays. In this particular series, The Originals, he’s a vampire (Marcel Gerard) sired by one of the original vampire siblings Niklaus Mikaelson who happens to also be part werewolf. That means he spends a lot of the episodes doing hott guy things. However, his particular character has a heart and actually cares about his fellow vampires and children. So I don’t feel too badly about lusting after him episode after episode. I actually at one point wanted them to cut the scenes of the other actors to make his longer. He’s that hott.

The Originals follows the life of three of the five Mikaelson siblings made into Vampires by their witch mother after their brother is killed by werewolves.  charles michael davis marcel gerard GIF-sourceThey have constant threats from enemies that were made by their unruly brother Niklaus Michaelson. The series opens with Elijah Mikaelson discovering that Niklaus would soon be a father because he impregnated a werewolf. With the new child being a hybrid of vampire, werewolf, and witch, she would be a threat. Storylines and discoveries unfold after this information is divulged with The Originals main purpose to protect the new child.  You can catch The Originals on Netflix currently. It is a spinoff of Vampire Diaries, and if you’re obsessed with the supernatural genre then you will love this series. I clicked on the series because it looked interesting but, I stayed for Charles Michael Davis (Marcel Gerard).  Charles, dm me if I have a shot because I definitely have a crush on you!

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Love a Muslim Day: Zayn Malik

you are perfect zayn malik GIF-source.gifI wanted to make this post because I see a lot of Islamophobia on the internet.  This blog is about love first, and I wanted our Muslim readers to know that we love you. There are good people who wish to live in peace with you and make the world a better place. You deserve to walk the streets of anywhere without being harassed or seeing hateful things like “punish a Muslim”.  That kind of thinking separates us rather than bring us together.  I wanted to show my appreciation toward you guys especially for one of your very handsome contributions to the Entertainment industry. He is definitely, My Infinite Playlist Certified.

happen zayn malik GIF-source.gifSo, In honor of Love a Muslim Day on social media, I would love to send all of the love from My Infinite Playlist to Zayn Malik. He deserves all of the affection today because his face and his music bring us all together. Mainly to talk about how hott he is, but the guy is seriously talented. I’m sure his hit song, Pillowtalk, has helped to make several babies by now. The kids won’t be able to thank you for another 18 years, but on their behalf, I’ll like to show my gratitude with this post.  I would also like to thank your parents for producing such a stud of a human being. It was the work of pure genius.


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MCM: Justin Baldoni’s Abs on Jane the not so Virgin

The first time I saw Justin Baldoni as Raphael on Jane the Virgin, I knew for sure I would watch…because he’s going to take his shirt off. His character seems to be this good guy that lands himself in some pretty bad situations by coincidence or blood relation. If you watch this show just know your anxiety levels will go through the roof over Jane’s dating decisions. This eternity of holding our breaths to find out if Jane will permanently end up with Raphael or choose some new (to us) guy she’s going to force us to like.  By the end of the season you’ll like him and then the writers will snatch him from us (**coughs Michael). Either way, the show will be worth the watch.

Take a look at our shrine to Justin below. Either way instead of writing you a long novel, I’m going to post pictures of reasons to watch the show. You can even turn it into a drinking game (Take a shot when his shirt comes off). This show has a seriously good storyline, and I would probably watch if he kept his clothes on. However, the nakedness makes it better. So, you won’t catch me suggesting clothes on options to the writers.

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