MCM: Justin Baldoni’s Abs on Jane the not so Virgin

The first time I saw Justin Baldoni as Raphael on Jane the Virgin, I knew for sure I would watch…because he’s going to take his shirt off. His character seems to be this good guy that lands himself in some pretty bad situations by coincidence or blood relation. If you watch this show just know your anxiety levels will go through the roof over Jane’s dating decisions. This eternity of holding our breaths to find out if Jane will permanently end up with Raphael or choose some new (to us) guy she’s going to force us to like.  By the end of the season you’ll like him and then the writers will snatch him from us (**coughs Michael). Either way, the show will be worth the watch.

Take a look at our shrine to Justin below. Either way instead of writing you a long novel, I’m going to post pictures of reasons to watch the show. You can even turn it into a drinking game (Take a shot when his shirt comes off). This show has a seriously good storyline, and I would probably watch if he kept his clothes on. However, the nakedness makes it better. So, you won’t catch me suggesting clothes on options to the writers.

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