MCM: Kim Woo Bin

If you have ever laid eyes on a Korean drama, you know exactly who this man is. He’sScreenshot_20180702-230751 tall and looks like he came off of a Korean runway. I last saw him in the Korean drama Uncontrollably Fond and the movie Friend: The Great Legacy before he took off for a year for health issues. I just want Woo Bin to know that even though he’s recovering that he still has women who want to cook him a hot meal and see him shirtless.

His look has a mixture of taking him home to meet your mother and see him naked. 

Screenshot_20180702-230646So Woo Bin is basically 6 feet 2 inches of hotness. His look has a mixture of taking him home to meet your mother and see him naked. He’s basically perfect and that makes me want to go ahead and take him off the market (wait, is he coupled up already? Someone comment.) Anywho I randomly out of the blue wanted to show my appreciation for this 28 soon to be 29-year-old tall drink of water. Just know if you ever want my number it’s already printed up on a business card for your wallet and in your DM’s for your convenience. Woo Bin, You’re a snack…no no a full course meal and I have a crush on you.

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Midpoint Check In: Switching Gears

At this point, I’ve been running My Infinite Playlist for a little over half a year. I’ve happy turn up GIF by Originals-sourcelearned somethings about blogging, running a site and the direction in which the blog is going.  So far I have seen a little increase in dedicated readership. Which is what I would like. I want the reader who will stay with us through the journey. The passive readers are great too. I’m confident in the content that I create on this site, and I am sure once a member of our target audience experiences the world of M.I.P they will stick around for good.

“We are from all parts of the world and we like to travel the parts we have never been. Women of Color forge into areas that aren’t seen as traditionally ours…”

New Themes:

I realized the true direction I wanted to take this blog. It started off as an interracial blog, wonder woman beyonce GIF-sourceand I would still like to keep that as a topic that we visit. However, I really would like to focus on the overall theme that black women and other women of color are non-monolithic. We are all different, we are into different music, style of dress, dating patterns. We live alternative lifestyles and we are even into alternative forms of beauty. We can be vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian. We are from all parts of the world and we like to travel the parts we have never been. Women of Color forge into areas that aren’t seen as traditionally ours, like beer brewing and tattooing. K-music, J-music, Latin Pop, Afro Beat, EDM, and rock are just some of the genres where we are widespread and share an interest in. We are feminist, traditionalist, minimalist, members of the 1%, political powerhouses, Rap songstresses, and women extraordinaires. We are all of these things under the umbrellas of being people of color and being women. We can be any label we want to apply to ourselves and not just the label assigned to us. We are allowed that basic human right.

“I want to give a different perspective to people who have confined us to a box according to our assigned gender and race. “

Forging Ahead:

source (6)

So in the continuity of this blog, I would like to document those experiences of women. Especially, women of color who are forging in directions that aren’t traditionally ours to be had. I want to give a different perspective to people who have confined us to a box according to our assigned gender and race. We will continue to be all of the sexy millennial fun of man crush Monday, and we will mix it with the radical faces of women who refuse to be labeled.

“I will work hard to stay true to the new vision and direction we’re headed”

Hey You, Yes You. We’re Looking for you!

We are still looking for contributors that share our vision and that can offer a view into giphy (72)the world of women doing things differently. We also want people who can tell their personal experiences and stories of breaking free or living alternatively. I’m excited to share this new direction with you, and I’m thrilled to share a safe space for women of color to be who they are.  As always, thank you for supporting the blog on WordPress and Social Media. I will work hard to stay true to the new vision and direction we’re headed. I love you Playlisters, Besos!

Banana Lemon Totally Catfished Me, and I’m glad

So if you happen to go to Youtube to waste a few decades of your life in the endless youtube trap, you probably were recommended a few things. If you follow Kpop, then among your suggestions was probably Banana Lemon. I’m going to be completely honest and say when I first saw the name two things came to mind that were non-kpop related: 1. Banana Clip-Miguel and 2. Lemon-N.E.R.D ft. Rhiana. I clicked on the link out of curiosity and it landed me on a video and song that within the first 15 seconds gave me serious kpop vibes. The flow of the song definitely gives me fxof f(x) Rum pum pum pum vibes. However, with closer investigation, all of the commenters realized what I soon discovered. This was in fact NOT a Kpop girl group.( key dramatic music with close up camera angles of everyone’s surprised expressions)

Yeah, so this comment by youtube user Alexis Morales was all of us:

“I was very confused….because it kept recommending it to me…..and yet the thumbnail got me really interested….so I clicked….and thought it was a new Korean girl group……BUT nO!!!!! THEY SLAY AS JAPANESE GIRL GROUP!!!! love them!!!!!!”

Once you take an actual look at the girls you can tell they aren’t a kpop group. There have been mixed ethnicity girls in kpop group before, but this group was diverse enough on the second guess made me question if it was some American girls who wanted to do Kpop style music.  It was a very brief thought before I scrolled down and saw the Japanese lettering and finally figured it out less than 30 seconds into the video.  This group is a true testament to South Korea’s actual reach in Asia. It is very easy to forget when you are a westerner who lives in a western country such as the United States that there are other musical influences besides your own. They shape music from other countries as well, and it’s not just American media with a major influence. Although, we still have a reach beyond our own borders that are influential we are not the only ones.

I talked about diversity earlier, which seems to be missing in Korean beauty and entertainment. For a country that has put an emphasis on multiculturalism in Korea (Making first black Korean model Han Hyun-min its honorary ambassador for multiculturalism), you would think you would start to see more diversity.  However, with Japan being as stubborn as it is with diversity (Black Miss Japan fights for race revolution) we managed to see a different outlook on Japan’s popular culture. Although Japan also has a long way to go, seeing a different take on Japan and what Japanese people look like is refreshing for a country who is notorious for promoting sameness.  This blog is putting a ton of pressure on Japan and Korea to explore multiculturalism seriously, and not be fake nice about it. It’s about time Asia has had their version of the civil rights movement and Banana Lemon is the group that can remind them of what the other Asia looks like. They’re also hella talented…so there is that. I cannot wait to see what else this group has in store.

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Backstreet Boys fans of BTS!

Earlier tonight Backstreet boys went live on Twitter to answer questions from the fans to promote their Vegas show, Larger Than Life.  The question that got Kpop fans, particularly BTS fans tweeting all over came from Twitter user blonde nat.

blonde nat tweeted:

@backstreetboys Can’t wait for you guys to perform at iheartawards!! What do you think of @BTS_twt? They’ve been listening to your songs when they were growing up and admire you!

BTS are fans of the legendary boy band, so naturally, their fans want to know if the love is mutual.  Nick Carter answered the question saying, ” We are huge fans of BTS, we love them. Actually, Aoki played us one of their songs. It hasn’t even been released that he did in the studio because we actually are going to be doing something with Steve Aoki as well. So, we actually want to invite the guys to our show in Vegas if you want to come. SO BTS, all the way baby.” Aj McLean added, “Bring it”.

Brian Littrell was absent for the question. Backstreet’s twitter handle informed us that he was flying in saying,

“Actually Brian isn’t here because he was flying in from Korea…he wants to join @BTS_twt!..”



I would love to show the video here, but the way my free WordPressress plan is set up…, lol. I have however posted the video on my Instagram page where you can watch as many times as you would like, and feel free to follow while you’re there. As always, don’t forget to Like, Comment and Follow. Love ya!

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