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I released a short story via Love Journey: Shades of AMBW Halloween

Hey Guys! It’s been a while! How are you (tell me in the comments, lol)? I worked hard on a short story that’s featured in this Halloween themed book. Shades of AMBW Halloween is available on Amazon . Right now we are #3 for Halloween Anthology releases. 44070836_345603936193341_7665348229046730752_n  If you are a fan of Interracial romance or romance, in general, this book would be a great addition to your Kindle collection.  Check it out and let me know what you think! I’m excited to hear about your favorite stories from the book.

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Molly from Insecure,…Girl. ***Spoiler Alert***

So, I love Insecure on HBO. I stan it. Well, not literally but I definitely wait all week for it. I was actually watching when it was Awkward Black Girl on youtube from the first episode. So, my fandom runs super deep. The characters have changed a lot, with some cameos from the original cast. However, it remains centered on Issa’s character.  I think besides Issa, my favorite character is Kelly whose real name is Natasha Rothwell. She’s also a writer on the show. Which makes total sense, because she is hilarious.  We didn’t come to talk about Kelly (I’ll save her for a later post), we came to talk about Molly(Yvonne Orji). I don’t usually write recaps, reviews or talk about shows on here but Molly. Girl. You brought me out of my dark blogger’s cave.

Molly. She frustrated me so bad, I had to make her name a one-word sentence. I judged her super hard being in a friend’s with benefits relationship with her open marriage friend. I didn’t say anything though. I just looked the other way. It’s just Molly being Molly. When Andrew came along on this season, I prayed she wouldn’t screw it up. One, he seemed like a nice guy. She’s really good at messing up with nice guys. Secondly, the Interracial community needed this. Thirdly, I didn’t want her to be the professional black woman who couldn’t be happy with a man. We had enough of that with Being Mary Jane (Oh Mary Jane is way worse than Molly, btw). You know what, her screwing things up with Andrew isn’t the only thing I’m side eyeing her for. I kind of saw that coming because let’s face it. It’s Molly. She also stated she wanted a black guy (hey no judgment on that) so I didn’t really see the writers letting this work out anyway. I actually think that they only incorporated Andrew because of Issa Rae’s book, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. If you are not privy, there was a lot of hoopla about Issa saying Black women need to date Asian men. It was some other things stated that some people found offensive. Blah Blah Blah. Anywho, I think that was a way to subtly defend herself. Enough with real life.  We’re talking about the fictional characters we are all friends with in our heads, lol.

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Molly went on a second date with Andrew the following day because she had to cut their first date short. She was working on a project with her co-worker (we’ll get to that later. It ties in with her shittiness) and she needed to finish work. They go on the date, and they are joking around with each other (I would like to insert that this date felt awkward from jump…but whatever).  Molly says to Andrew, “Say’s the guy who kissed his homeboy’s girl.”(or something to that effect). He say’s, “Say’s the girl who slept with her married friend”. Feel free to comment the exact words. Anyway, Molly catches a BIG TIME attitude with Andrew and shoots back, “You don’t know the situation.“. She then tells him she’s ready to go and leaves him in the bar/restaurant. Ok, this part alone made me give Molly stabby eyes. She felt like her comment was totally ok to bring up. It was fine that she dug up something he told her to use as a joke. Because men are shitty, I can say what I want. When he brings up something shitty she has done, she gets mad. He’s now at fault. He made a bad joke. I’m upset. How dare he. That’s basically her attitude. Why was she able to say something to him that could be taken as offensive, but he can’t. She can dish it, but she can’t take it. She villanized him and used the “I’m looking out for me” motto over something she created. Molly creates a lot of her own messes. Personally and professionally. She gets in her own way. So far, she appears to be a good friend. She hasn’t messed up in that way at all…yet. When it comes to other people she only cares about her career. She can’t see how her actions lead her to these events. I think she’s terminally blind to it. It’s going to take her falling out with someone important to her. More than likely a friend, for her to realize she is in her own way. I think she needs to have a sit down with her therapist.

Her professional screw up is when she gave that presentation while her partner was away. He was wrong for micromanaging her. It’s annoying to have someone breathing down your neck while you’re trying to do your job. It’s frustrating when a difference in style becomes an error because it’s not how they would do it. I get it. But, to give a presentation that you both were working on alone. That’s wrong. You are essentially taking credit or the bulk of the glory for a project. You had a team member, and you are being a bad team member. That’s something that people who only look out for themselves do. That is also something that makes you not only a bad team member at work but in life. You can’t be a good partner to anyone when you only look out for number 1. Being a good teammate means helping someone up when they fall and working together. Even when it means you will have to share the credit with someone you aren’t necessarily excited about. Speak up for yourself, but that doesn’t mean stabbing someone in the back. I sort of want to Tyra Banks yell at her, because “I’ve never in my life yelled at a girl like this!”. Get it together Molly, “When my mother raises her voice at me like this, it’s because she loves me! I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!”. That’s a warning girl. Pull your life together and see your therapist. Figure out why you’re smiling in the wife’s face at the baby shower like you weren’t sleeping with her husband. It is not only his fault. He told you he was in an open relationship with his wife. It is not only his fault that he laid down with you. You let him willingly. You knew he was married. You knew his situation up front. Let’s stop this, “Everyone does Molly wrong. Everyone is mean to me garbage.”.  You’re better than this girl.

Ok, rant over. If you disagree sound off in the comments. If you agree, sound off in the comments. If you want to comment, sound off in the comments. Hey, just comment, lol. Like always I appreciate the support. Don’t forget to follow me, comment, subscribe and like me on WordPress and Social Media. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like a guest blogger/writer spot on the blog. Pitch me your ideas, maybe we can work. Catch me on Green Tea Coffee Date. I blog over there.  Also, look out for me soon. I wrote a short story in Interracial Fiction. It’s super interesting and nothing like you would expect! It will be published in the Halloween edition of the AMBW Love Journey book set to come out October 15th.  I’ll give you more details when it comes out! Love you! Besos!

How to: 3 ways to break up, that are more mature than ghosting.

You’ve met someone online, and you don’t like them. So, you want to pull a little disappearing act millennials like to refer to as ghosting.  It is the cowards way out if you think about it. Instead of telling the intended how you feel (being a mature adult), you choose to become an escape artist. Now you see me, now you don’t. Computers and smartphones have made it even easier to leave someone on read (sidenote: if you have an iPhone they can see you read a message and didn’t respond). Thus leaving them on read, you’re welcome non-millennials.). If you throw in online dating to the mix, you now have a powder keg of communication avoidance. You’ve never seen them face to face, so it’s easier to disregard their feelings. I’m here to improve your online and face to face relations. Here is my playlist on ways to end it rather than becoming Houdini reincarnated.

Say it to my face-Madison Beer

Face to Face is always the way to go for more serious breakups. If you are in a relationship with someone the least you can do to look them in the eye. We quickly forget how things are when the shoe is on the other foot. You asked yourself a million questions. Why has this person disappeared? The cell phone that is permanently attached to your hand becomes a fixture for your eyes. Anytime your phone lights up, you’re hoping it’s from that someone. In the back of your mind, you already know that it won’t be. You’ve likely sent a few more text than you should have and stalked them out of existence online. I’m sure you called them hesitating on whether to leave a voicemail. You start to wonder if your phone is even working. It has been with you a while, maybe it isn’t operating properly after all. Don’t put someone else through these mental Olympics, even if it has become part of our culture.  If you have been seeing someone for a while, even if the commitment isn’t official, end things in person. The closure isn’t just for them. It’s for you as well.

Video Phone-Beyonce

Technology has made some aspects of communication easier. If you are in a long distance relationship with someone, then video calling is the next best thing. Traveling all the way to someone can become expensive. It may not even be necessary if the relationship wasn’t official. Video calling gives you all the perks of face to face. The downside is physical touch won’t be there. If you are breaking up, chances are that isn’t a concern.

Text From Your Ex- Tinnie Tempah

This is the last of your options if you were in a relationship. But, if you have only been corresponding through text it’s perfectly fine. When you haven’t spoken to someone face to face, it’s the easiest to ghost them. I see the allure in it. It’s so easy just to not respond back to a message. You never have to talk to them again. We’re practicing better communication skills people. It starts with the text-only level of dating.  Send a simple message. It doesn’t have to be an sms paragraph. Explain that you don’t see your interactions going any further or that we aren’t the right fit for one another. If they want a further explanation, you can give it to them. If you don’t want to give them one, it would be the time to ask them not to contact you. Ask that they respect that. If they can’t well… Blocked.

Technology is an amazing invention. It gives us ways to communicate if face to face isn’t an option. It also makes it entirely too easy to be a coward behind characters and emojis. Being an adult means to be responsible with relationships as well. Making sure you do the right thing isn’t just for when you like a person. It’s for when you are ready to walk away as well.

I hope this helped hone your breakup skills. If you like post like this, let me know. Leave a comment telling me how you broke up with someone. If you have a crazy breakup story I would love to hear it. As always thank you for supporting the blog. You’ve been patient with the changes going on with the site. Don’t forget to like, comment, follow and subscribe to the blog on WordPress and social media.  As always we are accepting pitches from writers. Send them to Label it, Blog Pitch.  Love you guys! Besos!




MCM Instagram Crush Addition: @rico_9c

So it’s your favorite time of the week Man Crush Monday and it’s the Instagram addition.Screenshot_20180618-214123 I don’t always crush on the famous. Sometimes, it’s the regular guys and in this case, the Instafamous.  I was minding my own business, doing what I do. Which basically means, I was scrolling through Instagram doing nothing but waste time (lol). That’s when I saw a video of a bunch of uber hunkey shirtless Asian guys and the one I was eyeing happened to be tagged. So, I did what any self-respecting girl with an Instagram account does. That’s right, I started insta stalking him and I discovered that he’s 186cm (roughly 6’1). Also, even though I didn’t understand a word he was saying, his voice was indeed as hott as the rest of him. The man is built to be a literal thirst trap.


Some girls like the waif look. The slim with defined Screenshot_20180618-213934muscles thing is cool and all. As in, if your personality and a decent height ( I’m a tall girl) is all there then I would probably give you a chance if you’re attractive. However, a nice muscular body will make you me stare you down a hallway with my body facing left and my head facing right any day. We’re talking the exorcist head spin (kidding, I actually turn my body around too because it’s the proper thing to do). This guy would definitely make me turn all the way around to watch him walk away (any fries with that shake? *wink wink). Because I’m generous, I will leave a slideshow below. I may learn Korean just to slide in his DM’s.  Who knows I may end up with a hott Korean boyfriend across the pond (if he’s not taken I got dibs). Anyway, @rico_9c I have a crush on you and now all of the interweb knows it.

As always, thanks for supporting the blog! Don’t forget to like, comment, follow, subscribe, and share on WordPress and social media! Love you to pieces Playlister’s, Besos!

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MCM: Thirst Trap King, Jay Park

The man I chose for this week’s Man Crush Monday is really an MCE (man crush every day), the man is a walking, breathing thirst trap. He is a Korean-American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, record producer, model (Vogue, heyyyyy), choreographer, entrepreneur, actor (WHEW THAT’S A MOUTHFUL!).

He rose to fame as the leader of the Kpop band 2pm, formed by JYP Entertainment in 2008. He left the group in 2010 after comments he made in 2005 about Korea were published in Korean media. giphy (53).gif However, he returned to South Korea and re-debuted as a solo artist in that same year. He’s been killing the game ever since. You may know him as Jay Park, but I call him Zaddy.

This man is GORGEOUS! I avoid his page just so I don’t fall into sin. Some people drip with cuteness but, Jay Park oozes lust. If I met him I would…actually be perfectly normal on the outside but on the inside, I would be freaking out temporarily. I’m pretty sure I can keep it together as long as he doesn’t wink at me or caress my hand. If he does any of that, I’m sorry ladies he’s married. lol Off the market hun-TY. He is no longer available. In my G-Eazy voice, “It ain’t safe, It ain’t safe”. Haha…

Seriously though, he is super talented. He will soon be showing North America that an Asian artist can succeed here in the United States by premiering under Roc Nation (kudos Jay-Z). The United States will no longer be able to justify letting perfectly talented Americans go to a foreign country because they are sitting on the sidelines here (unless they want to). giphy (52).gifBravo Jay’s parents for making such a stud! Jay Park, I’ve got a seriously huge uber big monstrous crush on you. Deal with it! Oh and Merry Christmas Guys! Consider this blog post your Christmas gift! Don’t forget to Like, Follow, Share, re-Tweet and Comment! Sound off in the comments with your mutual thirst! Comment if you would like to see me cover more Korean related content on this site! Love Ya!

Relationships are Black and White: My Story of ditching the Rules

NP: Black or White – Michael Jackson, Dangerous

giphy (9).gif

I always followed the beat of my own drum in the romance department. I didn’t see a lot of people like me on television growing up. So, I was indeed unique. As a kid my extended family members would always whisper to each other how I (liked white boys). The kicker is, I had not done anything to make them think so. As a matter of fact, I spent most of my adolescence trying to subconsciously convince my parents that I wasn’t attracted to anyone (my parents were strict…really strict). It actually ended up going the opposite way, my mom was convinced I was a lesbian. Which wasn’t true either but, me growing up in a religious household made that belief come with another set of issues. I won’t even get started on what I was accused of, lol. I can’t figure out how she came up with that to this day. She went through my room everyday when I was at school. So, I’m almost POSITIVE she came across that hidden picture of Johnathan Taylor Thomas in my room. Before I go into the whole, me liking guys who didn’t look like me, thing.  I’ll go into why I was hiding the fact that I liked guys. After all it’s pretty much a natural fact that eventually most people will be attracted to someone.

Jesus of Suburbia- Green Day

giphy (10).gif
I had the worlds strictest parents in the history of parents. My parents were strict and afrocentric when I was growing up. My mom was the one who raised my sisters and I, because my dad worked a lot. My older sister pretty much laid half of the groundwork for why myself and my other 2 sisters weren’t allowed to do much. Hell, I wasn’t even allowed to think my own thoughts my mom was so strict. To this day, I still have no idea how she got away with half of the things that she did. Or even, why my sister would attempt it. My parents are full believers of whoopins (not spankings, I think that word is too soft. Also, yes I know it’s technically whippings but this is the word most people I know use). I’m pretty sure we all got them all the way up to 17 or 18. I was scared shitless, but apparently my other 3 sisters weren’t because they did things I didn’t have the balls to attempt. So, basically boys were bad. So, basically even 4-year-old me knew that if boys were bad then liking boys that didn’t look like me were worse.

Everybody Knows – Leonard Cohen

giphy (11).gif

So, pretty much everyone could sense that I was into guys that didn’t have my coloring. All I knew was that I was always attracted to all kinds of guys, guys of different colors and cultures. The very first boy who I liked was a Mexican boy that went to my catholic preschool. He dressed like Zorro without the cape, lol. Hey, don’t judge it was a different time. I’m pretty sure no one knew I liked him though. I’ve been introverted my whole life so I wasn’t blabbing about who I was into to the world. My one sister knew, but we are only a few years apart and we shared a room for a while. I was pretty much like every 90’s middle school cliché that wrote in her diary while looking out her window on her window seat. Minus the diary, because I am a internalizer. I internalize my shit, lol. I wrote stories down, but not feelings. I couldn’t have a paper trail. Remember, my mom went through my room everyday that I went off to school. Also minus the window seat. I wanted one sooooo bad. I wanted to do major middle school shit from my window. I was also in elementary school. So, there was that. My next crush was this gorgeous dark complected guy. I liked him for a little while when I was younger. He went to my church, and sense I lived there…yeah a lot of stories happened there. Most of them with me as the lookout or accomplice. My sister was a rebel. Another story for another time, lol.

Modern Day Romance- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

giphy (12).gif

Now,  I’m pretty forward about my interest in men of all cultural backgrounds. I lived with the whispers long enough to not care. I’m sure at this stage in my life my parents are just glad that I may reproduce soon. You would be surprised to see the way parents evolve into acceptance when they think you may be alone forever, lol. Also, we live in a different time. Examples of different relationship types are everywhere. I think because we now see these relationships everywhere we are becoming more accepting as a society. At the very least society is becoming desensitized to it.  Dating has come a very long way, and I’m also a millennial adult. People are more forthcoming about who gets their party going to their loved ones and friends. I’m interested in documenting my past/ present experiences as well as knowledge that I’ve come across with the rest of you.  I know most of you are looking for ways to chart the territories of modern-day dating. I look forward to seeing this blog evolve and see where it can take us. I hope I can make you laugh, have some great discussions and you leave feeling a little better afterwards or at least make you think. Lol! I love you guys. Hit that replay button on the playlist if you need a second go around. Don’t forget to Like this post and Subscribe to the blog! Feel free to comment your thoughts to the post! Bye! Besos!

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