Hott Bollywood Actors You Need to Know

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been busy writing wonderful pieces for other amazing sites. I’ve left you without a Man Crush Monday, a Zaddy of the Week or a Man Crush Weekly for far too long. So instead of giving you one, I’m giving you 4. I would like to dedicate this thirsty piece to a few Indian actors I’ve seen in Bollywood films. It’s an excuse for me to talk about hott guys, but to also put a spotlight on men who don’t get recognized as much in the U.S..

South Asia tends to get left out of the conversation when it comes to the AM in AMBW. South Asia is also left out of the conversation in the United States when it comes to Asia. Here in the U.S., when Asian men have a role they aren’t the love interest. Even if the Asian man amongst his cast members is the hotter option, he is made to look like the unattractive guy with the stereotypical accent. I’m here to possibly change your mind about the beauty of men of color. So without further ado, 4 reason you should watch Bollywood films. 

Varun DhawanScreenshot_20190730-132526

According to Forbes India’s Celebrity 100, he is one of the country’s highest-paid actors since 2014. Not only is he reportedly rolling in the big bucks, but he is also undeniably hott. Bollywood royalty is in his blood as he is the son of David Dhawan, an Indian film director. His brother, Rohit Dhawan, is also in the business as a film director and his uncle Anil Dhawan is an actor. He debuted in 2012, in the film Student of the Year

Vicky Kaushal

Screenshot_20190730-132659I first saw him in Bollywood films on Netflix such as Lust Stories and Love per Square Foot. As well as a host of other films that I can’t spell without looking them up. However, for Vicky I will learn Hindi and tell you every last one (insert Lol here). Vicky Kaushal is yet another Indian actor born to a Hindi director, Sham Kaushal. He went on to play minor characters before his big break with supporting roles in two of the highest-grossing Hindi films in 2018, Raazi and Sanju (currently streaming on Netflix). Not only is he easy on the eye, but he is no dummy. He pursued an Engineering degree from the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology. 

Ranveer Singh

Screenshot_20190730-132744If you haven’t seen this guy on two of his infamous movie clips on Facebook, let me introduce you. This man is a smoke show if I ever have seen one, but if you are inclined to disagree you can at least enjoy his flair and showmanship. He has three Filmfare Awards, amongst other awards. He also shares a spot with Varun Dhawan on Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 since 2012. He also is one of the highest-paid actors in India. 

Hrithik Roshan

Screenshot_20190730-132839Hrithik has been appearing in films as a child actor since the 1980s. He has even collaborated with his father, Rakesh Roshan, in movies. His resume is impressive as one of India’s highest grossing actors. He’s won several awards including six Filmfare Awards. He has worked as assistant director on his father’s films and he is known for his dancing skills. He is as generous as he is handsome as he is involved in several humanitarian causes. The good news is he’s over 40, so feel free to lust in peace.

If this list didn’t introduce you to a few of India’s most handsome men, at the very least it has inspired you to check out Bollywood. I love watching international films. Not only does it help a little with satisfying my need for world culture, but it can escape the traditional Hollywood storyline narrative and film style. What’s your favorite Bollywood film? Comment below!



MCM, I Went Viral Edition: Chuando Tan

I went to get gas today. I went to a sketchy gas station attached to a restaurant. I only Screenshot_20180723-221951stopped there because I was practically on E. I was skeptical of the station because people run this scam where they hack the pumps and charge you as soon as you run your card for a higher amount. I pumped the gas and didn’t get a receipt. So, I went inside to make sure I wasn’t getting charged more than I paid. I go in, and bam saw the hottest Sikh guy behind the bulletproof glass. But, since I didn’t get his picture. You’ll have to take my word for it, lol. Anywhosal….Happy Monday. It’s everyone’s favorite MCM where you get your thirst quenched. Kidding, you get thirstier because MIP keeps it sort of hott. Speaking of hott, have you seen the 52-year-old man from Singapore who when viral for being a complete Zaddy?  I saw him and never thought I would hand over my phone number to a senior citizen so fast. Is he considered a senior citizen? Idk. All I know is I considered having his old ass babies, and I’m not ashamed. I’m in one-sided love (only because he hasn’t seen me yet, haha) and I’m pretty sure it’s serious. I’m meeting him at the altar in my white dress.

Screenshot_20180723-221933Dude, have you seriously seen this guy???? A year ago today he went viral for being super hott, and the ex-model turned photographer basically became a model all over again. He did some modeling in his younger days, but I think he’s hotter now than he was then. He aged like a fine wine…that I would like to sip. I’m going to keep it pg because I’m trying to respect my elders. However, I do wish this was one of those k-dramas where he’s my teacher and we end up dating after I graduate…because I would judge him super hard if he dated me in high school. It’s gross. Let’s scratch that example. It’s bordering on pedo. He’s steamy though and I wonder how someone becomes that hott over time. It’s like God tried to only add a dash of handsome and dropped the whole bottle in the pot. Anyway, he’s good looking. That’s what I’m getting at. Hey Chuando Tan. I wish I was Mrs.Tan, but I heard there may already be one of those. So, right now I’ll leave it at my crush on you.

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MCM: Kim Woo Bin

If you have ever laid eyes on a Korean drama, you know exactly who this man is. He’sScreenshot_20180702-230751 tall and looks like he came off of a Korean runway. I last saw him in the Korean drama Uncontrollably Fond and the movie Friend: The Great Legacy before he took off for a year for health issues. I just want Woo Bin to know that even though he’s recovering that he still has women who want to cook him a hot meal and see him shirtless.

His look has a mixture of taking him home to meet your mother and see him naked. 

Screenshot_20180702-230646So Woo Bin is basically 6 feet 2 inches of hotness. His look has a mixture of taking him home to meet your mother and see him naked. He’s basically perfect and that makes me want to go ahead and take him off the market (wait, is he coupled up already? Someone comment.) Anywho I randomly out of the blue wanted to show my appreciation for this 28 soon to be 29-year-old tall drink of water. Just know if you ever want my number it’s already printed up on a business card for your wallet and in your DM’s for your convenience. Woo Bin, You’re a snack…no no a full course meal and I have a crush on you.

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Midpoint Check In: Switching Gears

At this point, I’ve been running My Infinite Playlist for a little over half a year. I’ve happy turn up GIF by Originals-sourcelearned somethings about blogging, running a site and the direction in which the blog is going.  So far I have seen a little increase in dedicated readership. Which is what I would like. I want the reader who will stay with us through the journey. The passive readers are great too. I’m confident in the content that I create on this site, and I am sure once a member of our target audience experiences the world of M.I.P they will stick around for good.

“We are from all parts of the world and we like to travel the parts we have never been. Women of Color forge into areas that aren’t seen as traditionally ours…”

New Themes:

I realized the true direction I wanted to take this blog. It started off as an interracial blog, wonder woman beyonce GIF-sourceand I would still like to keep that as a topic that we visit. However, I really would like to focus on the overall theme that black women and other women of color are non-monolithic. We are all different, we are into different music, style of dress, dating patterns. We live alternative lifestyles and we are even into alternative forms of beauty. We can be vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian. We are from all parts of the world and we like to travel the parts we have never been. Women of Color forge into areas that aren’t seen as traditionally ours, like beer brewing and tattooing. K-music, J-music, Latin Pop, Afro Beat, EDM, and rock are just some of the genres where we are widespread and share an interest in. We are feminist, traditionalist, minimalist, members of the 1%, political powerhouses, Rap songstresses, and women extraordinaires. We are all of these things under the umbrellas of being people of color and being women. We can be any label we want to apply to ourselves and not just the label assigned to us. We are allowed that basic human right.

“I want to give a different perspective to people who have confined us to a box according to our assigned gender and race. “

Forging Ahead:

source (6)

So in the continuity of this blog, I would like to document those experiences of women. Especially, women of color who are forging in directions that aren’t traditionally ours to be had. I want to give a different perspective to people who have confined us to a box according to our assigned gender and race. We will continue to be all of the sexy millennial fun of man crush Monday, and we will mix it with the radical faces of women who refuse to be labeled.

“I will work hard to stay true to the new vision and direction we’re headed”

Hey You, Yes You. We’re Looking for you!

We are still looking for contributors that share our vision and that can offer a view into giphy (72)the world of women doing things differently. We also want people who can tell their personal experiences and stories of breaking free or living alternatively. I’m excited to share this new direction with you, and I’m thrilled to share a safe space for women of color to be who they are.  As always, thank you for supporting the blog on WordPress and Social Media. I will work hard to stay true to the new vision and direction we’re headed. I love you Playlisters, Besos!

MCM: Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why & Riverdale’s Ross Butler

Screenshot_20180522-003230It’s your favorite day of the week, Man Crush Monday, and I could feel your anticipation from miles away. I’m late on it, I know, but I’ve been watching Netflix and I thought that this guy deserved a shout out. Netflix has been a heck of an inspiration in the past. So, I let it inspire me yet again. I was watching the second season of 13 Reason’s Why and I forgot about this handsomely tall specimen that graced my screen. His name is Ross Butler, and he’s a cutie patootie.

According to the limited information I could research onScreenshot_20180522-003248 the net, he is an American who was born in Singapore. His mom is Malaysian-Chinese and his British-Dutch. I do remember seeing him on the recently ended KC Undercover (that I was watching with my niece, but who am I kidding…I watch Disney by myself lol). He’s reportedly 28(thank God). So, I didn’t have to feel bad about being a little attracted to him. Because you know its weird at first. You know they’re attractive but you have to google their age to make sure you can finish your thought and say it out loud. You can’t creep on a 16-year-old, it’s gross. Anywho, I look forward to seeing more of him in person because he’s hott. Hey Ross Butler, I have a crush on you!

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He’s Zaddy, MCM: Diggy Simmons

Father forgive me, for I have been hella thirsty. THIS MAN IS FINEEEEEEEEEE. dsimmonsOk, so I have been thirsting after this man since he became legal (gotta be law-abiding kids). He was a cute kid, but when he grew up and started getting taller and carving out abs, my thirst alert put him on the radar. Some people are just born with it, and trust me his swag comes from more than the fact that he’s from Queens, New York. My goodness, he broke the mold when he made this one. It’s a rare talent to be able to thirst trap us both when you are fully dressed and half naked. He should teach a Harvard class because that’s professor level.

Diggy, born Daniel Dwayne Simons is the son of hip-hop legend  Joseph “Run” Simmons. He comes from a family of hip-hop royalty with his Uncle, Russel Simmons being the founder and former CEO of the Def Jam empire. diggyDiggy has been rapping for a long while but released his mixtape to the world in 2009. In 2010 his freestyle to Made You Look, a Nas classic, garnered him praise from Kanye West and others. He is now signed to Atlantic Records and has gained respect outside of the Simmons family name.  You can see him guest starring on a recent episode of Grown-ish on Freeform looking like a full blown meal.  Hey Diggy Simmons, You’re Zaddy and I think you know it.

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MCM: Michael B. Jordan

If you’ve never laid eyes on Michael B. Jordan, you are seriously missing out on life. I’m not kidding. The guy is a breathing thirst machine. You’ll need water…immediately.  Lol,  I say all this to say that he’s very easy on the eyes. giphy (95).gifSo, I’ve dedicated this post to the man that is sure to gain a few more fans from his upcoming Marvel film, Black Panther, on Friday.

So a little background about the man that gives you unpure thoughts. Michael is 31 years old, born the 9th of February of 1987 in California. You may have seen him in other films like Fantastic Four, Creed or possibly Red Tails.giphy (93) If perhaps you haven’t seen any of these films because you don’t watch action films (but you should because his shirt is off in Creed…alot…you’re welcome), then you have probably seen him in Friday Night Lights or the soap opera, All My Children.

So, enough of my yammering. I just wanted you, good people, to know Michael B. Jordan is M.I.P certified. He’s definitely a hottie, and I thought he should know. Hey Michael, I’ve got a crush on you.giphy (92)

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Cyber Crushes

So, I discovered cyber crushes are a real thing because I definitely have one…and he’s way older than me. Which is rare. Like he’s old, but he doesn’t look old. He looks at least 10 years younger than he actually is. giphy (72).gifHe also has two of my most favorite things in the world…muscles and a beard. I never thought I would like a dude who was old, but here we are. Never say never, folks.  I also said I wouldn’t air my laundry (tell my business) on a public format and lowe and behold (lol). It’s cool because you guys are family. So I don’t mind you knowing. Also, I would give you more info on him such as a picture but in some circles in society that would be considered (what’s the word I’m looking for? Ahh yesss) creepy. giphy (75).gif So no visuals, but you already know he has muscles, but he also has tattoos, dimples (omg I love dimples), and did I mention…a beard. I’m pretty sure I did. It’s a full one guys, not that struggle patchy Keanu Reeves. It’s an actual full, grown man, your mother thinks he’s way too old for you beard.

Dude is attractive, like celebrities that are exceptions to the rule hott. Like how you said you wouldn’t date guys under six feet, but you would definitely marry Zayn Malik without meeting in person. Yeah…that kind of hott. giphy (74).gif He literally looks like a celebrity, but he isn’t one. He has the silver fox hott thing going for him but he doesn’t have any grey hair and I think he has a few years before he can be considered a silver fox. I don’t know. This is just really a blog of me telling my business to whoever is listening.  So, really here’s to crushes when you’re grown as fuck. May they only happen when they’re convenient, and never turn into full out stalking (lol).

I feel like we should discuss this in the comments. Have you ever started crushing on someone site unseen? Did it continue to be just a crush or did you do something about it? Do you have any crazy stories to tell about it? SOund off in the comments below! Don’t forget to Like, Follow and Comment (again, I know lol). I can’t wait to hear from you! Bye!

MCM: Hanging up his Bachelor Jersey

This Man Crush Monday is dedicated to the man who was almost everyone’s Kpop crush in 2006.  He was mine some years later when I actually discovered what Kpop was. He reminded me of Chris Brown after he became nasty Chris Brown. Not ‘Run It’ Chris Brown, but more like ‘Take you down’ Chris Brown. He’s getting this honor because he’s retiring his Bachelor jersey on the 3rd of February. We’re happy for him, but a little sad that we will literally never be able to marry him…possibly (because the way marriages are set up in the 21st century the hope, although slim, is still alive, lol). I am not trifling. I swear, lol. I’m just pointing out a fact.

Anywhosal, I’ve been rambling long enough. Frankly, you’re probably on Edge. Okay, okay…seriously it goes to Taeyang. I decided out of all the candidates, it had to go to him. I wanted to celebrate his upcoming nuptials in true My Infinite style.giphy (70) He needs a bachelor party or at least a post. So this one is for you Taeyang.  Thanks for every grind and pelvic thrust you blessed us with. You really helped to pioneer the war against squeaky clean Kpop (just kidding but I really want to use the laughing crying emoji right now LOL).

Thankyou Taeyang, for your thirst inducing performances. I appreciate you making me briefly consider not only dating guys over 6’0. However, since I never formally met you…in my mind you’ll always be over 6’0. Congratulations on your marriage. giphy (69).gifMay you two live together long and be healthy! Hey Taeyang, I’ve got a crush on you.


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