How to: 3 ways to break up, that are more mature than ghosting.

You’ve met someone online, and you don’t like them. So, you want to pull a little disappearing act millennials like to refer to as ghosting.  It is the cowards way out if you think about it. Instead of telling the intended how you feel (being a mature adult), you choose to become an escape artist. Now you see me, now you don’t. Computers and smartphones have made it even easier to leave someone on read (sidenote: if you have an iPhone they can see you read a message and didn’t respond). Thus leaving them on read, you’re welcome non-millennials.). If you throw in online dating to the mix, you now have a powder keg of communication avoidance. You’ve never seen them face to face, so it’s easier to disregard their feelings. I’m here to improve your online and face to face relations. Here is my playlist on ways to end it rather than becoming Houdini reincarnated.

Say it to my face-Madison Beer

Face to Face is always the way to go for more serious breakups. If you are in a relationship with someone the least you can do to look them in the eye. We quickly forget how things are when the shoe is on the other foot. You asked yourself a million questions. Why has this person disappeared? The cell phone that is permanently attached to your hand becomes a fixture for your eyes. Anytime your phone lights up, you’re hoping it’s from that someone. In the back of your mind, you already know that it won’t be. You’ve likely sent a few more text than you should have and stalked them out of existence online. I’m sure you called them hesitating on whether to leave a voicemail. You start to wonder if your phone is even working. It has been with you a while, maybe it isn’t operating properly after all. Don’t put someone else through these mental Olympics, even if it has become part of our culture.  If you have been seeing someone for a while, even if the commitment isn’t official, end things in person. The closure isn’t just for them. It’s for you as well.

Video Phone-Beyonce

Technology has made some aspects of communication easier. If you are in a long distance relationship with someone, then video calling is the next best thing. Traveling all the way to someone can become expensive. It may not even be necessary if the relationship wasn’t official. Video calling gives you all the perks of face to face. The downside is physical touch won’t be there. If you are breaking up, chances are that isn’t a concern.

Text From Your Ex- Tinnie Tempah

This is the last of your options if you were in a relationship. But, if you have only been corresponding through text it’s perfectly fine. When you haven’t spoken to someone face to face, it’s the easiest to ghost them. I see the allure in it. It’s so easy just to not respond back to a message. You never have to talk to them again. We’re practicing better communication skills people. It starts with the text-only level of dating.  Send a simple message. It doesn’t have to be an sms paragraph. Explain that you don’t see your interactions going any further or that we aren’t the right fit for one another. If they want a further explanation, you can give it to them. If you don’t want to give them one, it would be the time to ask them not to contact you. Ask that they respect that. If they can’t well… Blocked.

Technology is an amazing invention. It gives us ways to communicate if face to face isn’t an option. It also makes it entirely too easy to be a coward behind characters and emojis. Being an adult means to be responsible with relationships as well. Making sure you do the right thing isn’t just for when you like a person. It’s for when you are ready to walk away as well.

I hope this helped hone your breakup skills. If you like post like this, let me know. Leave a comment telling me how you broke up with someone. If you have a crazy breakup story I would love to hear it. As always thank you for supporting the blog. You’ve been patient with the changes going on with the site. Don’t forget to like, comment, follow and subscribe to the blog on WordPress and social media.  As always we are accepting pitches from writers. Send them to Label it, Blog Pitch.  Love you guys! Besos!





MCM Instagram Crush Addition: @rico_9c

So it’s your favorite time of the week Man Crush Monday and it’s the Instagram addition.Screenshot_20180618-214123 I don’t always crush on the famous. Sometimes, it’s the regular guys and in this case, the Instafamous.  I was minding my own business, doing what I do. Which basically means, I was scrolling through Instagram doing nothing but waste time (lol). That’s when I saw a video of a bunch of uber hunkey shirtless Asian guys and the one I was eyeing happened to be tagged. So, I did what any self-respecting girl with an Instagram account does. That’s right, I started insta stalking him and I discovered that he’s 186cm (roughly 6’1). Also, even though I didn’t understand a word he was saying, his voice was indeed as hott as the rest of him. The man is built to be a literal thirst trap.


Some girls like the waif look. The slim with defined Screenshot_20180618-213934muscles thing is cool and all. As in, if your personality and a decent height ( I’m a tall girl) is all there then I would probably give you a chance if you’re attractive. However, a nice muscular body will make you me stare you down a hallway with my body facing left and my head facing right any day. We’re talking the exorcist head spin (kidding, I actually turn my body around too because it’s the proper thing to do). This guy would definitely make me turn all the way around to watch him walk away (any fries with that shake? *wink wink). Because I’m generous, I will leave a slideshow below. I may learn Korean just to slide in his DM’s.  Who knows I may end up with a hott Korean boyfriend across the pond (if he’s not taken I got dibs). Anyway, @rico_9c I have a crush on you and now all of the interweb knows it.

As always, thanks for supporting the blog! Don’t forget to like, comment, follow, subscribe, and share on WordPress and social media! Love you to pieces Playlister’s, Besos!

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The return of MCM <3: Cole Sprouse aka Jughead Jones

Screenshot_20180604-200036**Wags eyebrows** Guess whose backkkkkkkkkkkk?! That’s right. it’s your favorite day of the week. Or maybe just your favorite time of the week, where we lust after hott men and swoon over cute guys. In case your wondering the Brenden Dahle post is still doing pretty well, but he has had to hand over the Zaddy crown to Julio Macias of On My Block. Those two are just too hott to handle. Also, shout out to our other MCM alum who have shown love to the social pages after being featured. You are appreciated :-). Now onto Hott Man business.

Today’s MCM goes out to Mr. Suite Life of Zack and Cody,

Omg, I’m licking the screen…

Mr. Full House Twins (if you want to date him back that far, but really when most of us practically threw our panties at the screen Mr. Riverdale Serpent King Jughead Jones. I don’t know if its the jacket or what, but the kid is hott. I’m not even kidding. He made most of us secretly wish something would happen to Betty so we could replace her. But then again…we love Bughead so Just Kidding, lol. He’s the love of my Wednesday nightlife every week( right before Jamal Lyon when he isn’t crying).  When he’s not steaming up the Riverdale screen, he’s busy trolling his fans on Instagram for sneaking pictures of him, lol. It really must be weird to constantly have people sneaking pictures of you after they recognize you.

Screenshot_20180604-200122Anywho, to Cole Sprouse twin of the other hott Sprouse, love of my Wednesday nightlife. I seriously adore you, and I would like for you to know I have a crush on you. To my loyal readers, I appreciate you. To the newcomers, welcome! Don’t forget to Like, Comment, Subscribe, Follow and Share us on Word Press and Social Media! Enjoy Cole in all of his hott glory below. Love you to life PLaylisters! Besos!

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Why there is no MCM this week

Hey Playlisters, I’ve been floating the idea for a while to have a Zaddy of the Week that isn’t a celebrity (as of yet, lol). Every week I feature someone who is known in the social/media sphere. This week, I wanted to find a guy who is a little less known. If you know of someone or if you yourself would like to be featured please email me at or shoot me a DM via Instagram or our facebook page. In the email tell me a little about yourself (first name, social media, age, schooling, job, hobbies, past and or current charities, relationship status and any additional info you would like to include). I really will like to make this a thing so feel free to reblog, repost, share this blog. If you submit and you’re not chosen this week there is still a possibility that you are featured for an upcoming blog. I would really like to make this a thing on the blog. I took a slight gamble by not featuring anyone for MCM since that’s sort of my thing.  I’m really excited to hear from you guys! As always thank you for supporting the blog and don’t forget to check us out on social media! Besos!

MCM: Netflix The Originals’ Charles Michael Davis (Marcel Gerard)

Guess what day it is?!?!? It’s my favorite time of the week, and this is no new crush. michael sassy model GIF-source (1)This is a long-standing crush I’ve had for awhile. This man is hotter than fish grease, and I think I reminded him through the screen at least 12 times an episode (I’m midway through season 2 so that’s a lot lol). I have so many reasons to crush. I’ve seen other projects he’s done and he always displays confidence in charm in each character he plays. In this particular series, The Originals, he’s a vampire (Marcel Gerard) sired by one of the original vampire siblings Niklaus Mikaelson who happens to also be part werewolf. That means he spends a lot of the episodes doing hott guy things. However, his particular character has a heart and actually cares about his fellow vampires and children. So I don’t feel too badly about lusting after him episode after episode. I actually at one point wanted them to cut the scenes of the other actors to make his longer. He’s that hott.

The Originals follows the life of three of the five Mikaelson siblings made into Vampires by their witch mother after their brother is killed by werewolves.  charles michael davis marcel gerard GIF-sourceThey have constant threats from enemies that were made by their unruly brother Niklaus Michaelson. The series opens with Elijah Mikaelson discovering that Niklaus would soon be a father because he impregnated a werewolf. With the new child being a hybrid of vampire, werewolf, and witch, she would be a threat. Storylines and discoveries unfold after this information is divulged with The Originals main purpose to protect the new child.  You can catch The Originals on Netflix currently. It is a spinoff of Vampire Diaries, and if you’re obsessed with the supernatural genre then you will love this series. I clicked on the series because it looked interesting but, I stayed for Charles Michael Davis (Marcel Gerard).  Charles, dm me if I have a shot because I definitely have a crush on you!

Check out the shrine slideshow of Charles Michael Davis below. As always thank you for reading the blog. Check out other Man Crush Monday’s on the main page. Don’t forget to Like, Share, Comment and Follow us on the blog and social media. I love you guys. Have a great week! Besos!

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