Midpoint Check In: Switching Gears

At this point, I’ve been running My Infinite Playlist for a little over half a year. I’ve happy turn up GIF by Originals-sourcelearned somethings about blogging, running a site and the direction in which the blog is going.  So far I have seen a little increase in dedicated readership. Which is what I would like. I want the reader who will stay with us through the journey. The passive readers are great too. I’m confident in the content that I create on this site, and I am sure once a member of our target audience experiences the world of M.I.P they will stick around for good.

“We are from all parts of the world and we like to travel the parts we have never been. Women of Color forge into areas that aren’t seen as traditionally ours…”

New Themes:

I realized the true direction I wanted to take this blog. It started off as an interracial blog, wonder woman beyonce GIF-sourceand I would still like to keep that as a topic that we visit. However, I really would like to focus on the overall theme that black women and other women of color are non-monolithic. We are all different, we are into different music, style of dress, dating patterns. We live alternative lifestyles and we are even into alternative forms of beauty. We can be vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian. We are from all parts of the world and we like to travel the parts we have never been. Women of Color forge into areas that aren’t seen as traditionally ours, like beer brewing and tattooing. K-music, J-music, Latin Pop, Afro Beat, EDM, and rock are just some of the genres where we are widespread and share an interest in. We are feminist, traditionalist, minimalist, members of the 1%, political powerhouses, Rap songstresses, and women extraordinaires. We are all of these things under the umbrellas of being people of color and being women. We can be any label we want to apply to ourselves and not just the label assigned to us. We are allowed that basic human right.

“I want to give a different perspective to people who have confined us to a box according to our assigned gender and race. “

Forging Ahead:

source (6)

So in the continuity of this blog, I would like to document those experiences of women. Especially, women of color who are forging in directions that aren’t traditionally ours to be had. I want to give a different perspective to people who have confined us to a box according to our assigned gender and race. We will continue to be all of the sexy millennial fun of man crush Monday, and we will mix it with the radical faces of women who refuse to be labeled.

“I will work hard to stay true to the new vision and direction we’re headed”

Hey You, Yes You. We’re Looking for you!

We are still looking for contributors that share our vision and that can offer a view into giphy (72)the world of women doing things differently. We also want people who can tell their personal experiences and stories of breaking free or living alternatively. I’m excited to share this new direction with you, and I’m thrilled to share a safe space for women of color to be who they are.  As always, thank you for supporting the blog on WordPress and Social Media. I will work hard to stay true to the new vision and direction we’re headed. I love you Playlisters, Besos!


MCM: Zaddy of the Week

I know you’re on the edge of your seats. It’s everyone’s favorite time of the week, or the thirstiest(you choose,lol).  I won’t withhold you from the goods. I give them to you every week. I know all you’re really thinking about is either wedding bells, or doing tequila shots off of a six-pack. My Monday choices tend to bring out both sides in people. So without further ado, your crush of the week. Hey Zaddy!

Kwak Si Yang. My God,lol. 20180122_222133He’s more than age appropriate so I feel comfortable lusting after him. Like not too comfortable, because he’s the kind of hott that if he said hey or even smiled in my direction I’m 1000% sure my heart would be caught in my throat. He’s going to be in the drama, Four Men. Excellent way to have 16 chances (episodes) to imagine what baby Kwak would look like if he ever decided to give love a chance (and I mean me LOL).

I think this post gives me the opportunity to really zoom in on the fact that he’s 6’2. 6’2!!! Gift wrap this man PLEASE!

giphy (66)
This is me appreciating Kwak Si Yang for his personality. LOL!

So pretty much on looks and height alone he’s checked off half of my list (just kidding…not really lol). Anywhosal, I just wanted to say…Kwak Si Yang, I have a crush on you.

Video calling a Tinder Date: How to Video Date

NP: Video Phone by Beyonce, I am Sasha Fierce

giphy (13).gif

You know, the thing about being a millennial…it comes to be a blessing and a curse.  On one end your blessed with your first world problems. The ones that include your pizza app not working. So, you have to order (xl sausage, mushroom and spinach with light cheese, extra sauce…yummmm) it the old fashioned way…by looking up the website on your cell phone and placing the order online(ughhh…such a hassle). Also, it comes with blessings like the love of your life being one swipe away (or a million swipes and a million messages gone completely left. Seriously, the agony). However, with the blessing of the dating app comes one of the biggest parts about being a millennial. That part is the miles of uncharted territory that you’re expected to discover, make rules for and pioneer for generations to come. Which is also in part, The Video Date.

The Situation

Congratulations! You’ve made it past the stage of matching with that hott guy you swiped right on. You actually can’t believe he checks your very short list of standards at this stage:

  • He hasn’t sent you a picture of his junk
  • He seems nice enough
  • He is at least pretending he’s interested in getting to know you rather than dropping cringe worthy hints about your vagina or how aroused he is

He’s asked or you’ve suggested (however you got here) to video chat (kakao talk, snap or whatever…pick your poison). You want to know the most important thing, outside of whether or not he’ll be naked when you video. Fingers crossed, its not right away (Unless you’re into that). You want to know, What do I wear? giphy (14)How much makeup should I be wearing or not be wearing? Well, I’m here to answer you. After much trial and error myself (you’re welcome).



I’ve compiled a list of answers for you. The playlist goes as follows on the mixtape:

  • Magic’s in the Makeup- No Doubt The magic is in the makeup. We’re not out to pile it on. You want to look like a human being. The key is to look like your 7,000 pictures on your profile, but hit the balance of looking a little more like you do before you put iton. Look, I’m not a crazy person. Definitely wear a little something if you have it on in your pictures. Just don’t OD.

giphy (15).gif

  • Change Clothes- Jay Z  You’re not going to a fancy dinner, to the club or to prom. So, let your outfit match your surroundings. More than likely you’ll be videoing him from a coffee shop, your kitchen or lets be honest…your bedroom. Casual clothes are always a good choice. The goal is to look great, but not make it obvious you’re trying hard. Unless you’re into looking like a cast member from Love and Hip Hop or a Real Housewife of (insert franchise here) then I would keep it super cas(ual).  Unless you’re (into that sort of thing) he won’t be seeing anything above your waste. Wait…that is unless he’s trying to make sure the body in the picture matches the body on the video because, lets be honest, some of you people LOVE to capture your body from impossible angles. The distorting of reality angles, It’s nothing wrong with not having a booty, being a little bit fluffier or maybe a lot thinner than what society deems acceptable from one minute to the next. giphy (16)Be honest though. Let your pictures reflect you as close to the truth as possible. Imagine he advertised having a full beard(you know the sexy maintenanced ones that make him look like all man), but he shows up with a patchy Anthony Hamilton or Keanu Reeves beard. The patchy beards that make guys look like they need a full bath and deoderant. The kind of beard that makes him look like he’s modeling Kanye West’s designer men’s wear “requesting” spare change with a cardboard sign. I hope you get my drift because I’m swerving everywhere to drop hints about him appearing like “will work for food”.  Any who if that’s a bad example, Imagine he advertised a full head of hair and he showed up with a hairline that started by his ears. My last example imagine that a guy (insert dramatic climax music dun Dun DUNNNNN!!!) Hatfishes you! You know what I mean. With a hat on this man looks like Jason Mamoa, but when he takes it off he has at least 8 more inches of forhead and a messed up hairline. Tragic! I say all of that to say, just be honest. There’s nothing wrong with being you. Just let a man that likes you in all your you-ness appreciate the real picture.


  • Something to Talk About- Bonnie Raitt What do we talk about? This is perhaps the MOST important part because looks fade, people go blind but, personality lasts forever. I’m going to be honest, I’m not beneath equipping myself with fun ice breaker games and would you rather questions to get the party started to keep the party going. There is actually a questionnaire called 36 questions to make you fall in love. And before you start your whining about appearing weird because you just met, No you don’t introduce it as the fall in love questions. giphy (17)Not unless you like adventure and you want to see what he’ll say to you saying it that way. Just say, let’s play the questions game. The 36 Questions That Make You Fall In Love questionnaire actually has some great questions that will help you get to know your potential boo a lot better. A lot of them are questions you would never think to ask. You’ll get to find our if the potential love of your life is funny, witty, intellectual, totally serious, logical, emotional, fun, charming, family oriented, stingy, or a giver.  You know, some things you don’t want to find our after you start to like their asses. So moral of the story; Google is your friend. Look up somethings to talk about.

I hope this short playlist helps you on your journey to the nerve wrecking video call. Remember, if this all just turns out as a play to get you to participate in his naked creepiness…end the call and politely block that ass. Lol! I love you guys. Hit that replay button on playlist if you need a second go around. Don’t forget to Like this post and Subscribe to the blog! Feel free to comment your thoughts to the post! Bye! Besos!

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