My Ex Watches All My Snaps

Hey Buddies, it’s been awhile. You’ve been searching for answers on Google. Your Ex has been doing something suspicious; you sought out the girl with all the answers. I think I know what you want to know. Let me set up the scene for you. You finally ended things with your ex, or they’ve ended things with you.  It’s been a few months and you noticed that your Ex watches your social media like teenagers watch Riverdale. Every time you post a picture or a video their name appears on the list of people who have watched your story. They’re stalking you, obviously. So, here I am with my cape to give you a playlist of reasons why you’re hunted by the ghost of your Ex.

Want That Old Thing Back – Biggie Smalls

Your Ex misses you. It’s that simple. They are trying to figure out the best way to pop up “just to see how you’re doing”.  They weren’t ready to let you go yet. Or at least they thought they were ready to let you go, and discovered they weren’t. So, here they are stalking you trying to figure out when they should drop in and send you a message.

Case of the Ex -Mya

They want to see how your life is fairing without them. We all leave our Exes with the hope that they are doing horrible without us. We hope that our former significant others can’t even tie their shoes without us. So what’s the best way to know whether the Ex is in despair because we knew they’d be sorry we left? That’s right, stalking. You have to do a little investigative work to know that the Exes life is falling apart.

I Miss You – Clean Bandit

They Miss you, but they don’t necessarily want you back. They like to reminisce about the times you shared together. However, in the words of Taylor Swift “We are never ever ever getting back together”. Sometimes you don’t want your Ex back. You just like to see what they’re up to every once in a while. They are simply just watching you to make sure you are ok. There is no malice, it’s over and they recognize that. It’s just that occasionally it’s nice just to see how an old flame is doing. What is the best way to find out without having to call? Stalk them a little bit.

At the end of it all, if you really want to know why your Ex is perusing your social media you can ask. They may think you’re reaching out; chances are if you want to know then asking why they watch all your stories is an excuse. If not you wouldn’t have taken the time out to stumble upon this blog (wags eyebrows).

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Zaddy of the week: Maluma

Maluma is muy caliente and that’s the truth.

It’s everyone’s favorite Man Crush Monday, but I’m a day late. So we now have us a ZaddyScreenshot_20180626-191202 of the Week. Trust me I have a man worthy of your eyes. He’s easy on the eye and he sings. So basically, you’ll want to willingly hand him your panties twice. I think I need Roetta Stone to learn Spanish. Oh did I mention this post wasn’t kid-friendly, lol?

Maluma is muy caliente and that’s the truth. I follow him on Instagram and I feel like I underestimate his finesse from his music videos. I feel like his pictures ooze sex appeal. I’m sure I’m not the only person who wishes he would stop reminding me has a girlfriend. She’s cute, but she’s kind of ruining my fantasy of running away with him (LMAO). If it doesn’t work out, Maluma knows where to find me.

I’ve been eyeing Maluma for awhile now, and I’m glad I have Man Crush Monday and Screenshot_20180626-190859Zaddy of the Week to express my undying lust for him (I’m sure he has a nice personality too, lol). Maluma you soak my undergarments and you make my heart go pitter-patter. In the least raunchy way I know how I want to say, Maluma I have a crush on you.

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Midpoint Check In: Switching Gears

At this point, I’ve been running My Infinite Playlist for a little over half a year. I’ve happy turn up GIF by Originals-sourcelearned somethings about blogging, running a site and the direction in which the blog is going.  So far I have seen a little increase in dedicated readership. Which is what I would like. I want the reader who will stay with us through the journey. The passive readers are great too. I’m confident in the content that I create on this site, and I am sure once a member of our target audience experiences the world of M.I.P they will stick around for good.

“We are from all parts of the world and we like to travel the parts we have never been. Women of Color forge into areas that aren’t seen as traditionally ours…”

New Themes:

I realized the true direction I wanted to take this blog. It started off as an interracial blog, wonder woman beyonce GIF-sourceand I would still like to keep that as a topic that we visit. However, I really would like to focus on the overall theme that black women and other women of color are non-monolithic. We are all different, we are into different music, style of dress, dating patterns. We live alternative lifestyles and we are even into alternative forms of beauty. We can be vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian. We are from all parts of the world and we like to travel the parts we have never been. Women of Color forge into areas that aren’t seen as traditionally ours, like beer brewing and tattooing. K-music, J-music, Latin Pop, Afro Beat, EDM, and rock are just some of the genres where we are widespread and share an interest in. We are feminist, traditionalist, minimalist, members of the 1%, political powerhouses, Rap songstresses, and women extraordinaires. We are all of these things under the umbrellas of being people of color and being women. We can be any label we want to apply to ourselves and not just the label assigned to us. We are allowed that basic human right.

“I want to give a different perspective to people who have confined us to a box according to our assigned gender and race. “

Forging Ahead:

source (6)

So in the continuity of this blog, I would like to document those experiences of women. Especially, women of color who are forging in directions that aren’t traditionally ours to be had. I want to give a different perspective to people who have confined us to a box according to our assigned gender and race. We will continue to be all of the sexy millennial fun of man crush Monday, and we will mix it with the radical faces of women who refuse to be labeled.

“I will work hard to stay true to the new vision and direction we’re headed”

Hey You, Yes You. We’re Looking for you!

We are still looking for contributors that share our vision and that can offer a view into giphy (72)the world of women doing things differently. We also want people who can tell their personal experiences and stories of breaking free or living alternatively. I’m excited to share this new direction with you, and I’m thrilled to share a safe space for women of color to be who they are.  As always, thank you for supporting the blog on WordPress and Social Media. I will work hard to stay true to the new vision and direction we’re headed. I love you Playlisters, Besos!

MCM: Brad James

It’s everybody’s favorite Man Crush Monday, and I have to give you an MCM that I can Screenshot_20180514-120257vouch for in real life. He’s an actor, and I first saw him on Tyler Perry’s For Better or for Worse. I watched the first season and honestly stopped. However, I never forget a face or a fine one at that. No, I don’t know him personally (but I would like to *wink *wink). Seriously, I have definitely seen him around and the pictures match the irl (in real life). And really, that’s all you can ask for in 2018 when filters are everywhere.

Brad is 36 years old according to Wikipedia (the source my Screenshot_20180514-120335professors would not let me use in college, lol) and he certainly doesn’t look it. I always guessed slightly younger, but that’s a good thing for a man making his living in the entertainment industry. He has been around for awhile and you may have seen him early on in commercials for Walmart or even Auto Trader. He’s currently working on the Superstition on the SyFy network and I have a feeling  you’ll see him even more in the future. Just remember that if you don’t know who he is, I told you about him first (and I had him first, jk jk).  I’m honestly glad he has an Instagram, because every time I get on it’s like I have a little treat waiting for me. Keep the pictures coming they make my day. Hey Brad James, I have a crush on you… irl. lol

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MCM: Dear White People’s Brandon P. Bell aka Troy Fairbanks

I tried something new last week and it TANKED big time. Screenshot_20180507-135547However, it’s a new week, everyone’s favorite Man Crush Monday is back this week and BOY do I have a thirst trap for you today. He plays Troy Fairbanks legacy Winchester student and son to Dean Walter Fairbanks. He is basically walking man candy and everyone on campus lets him know it. He get’s more tail than any man can stand based on his legacy status, projective future, and devilish good looks.

Brandon P. Bell, resident pretty boy of Netflix’s Dear White People is MIP certifiably hott.Screenshot_20180507-135838 I’m not sure that there is a person on this actual planet that doesn’t know it. I actually find myself in every episode saying, “Troy is so fine”, and in the famous words of fictional editor Silvio Romo, “You can quote me.”.

For the people who aren’t aware of the series, Dear White People, firstly you should definitely check it out. It’s hands down one of the best Netflix series out there. Secondly just to give you an overview it was originally a movie who followed Samantha White, a college student living in AP Hall at Winchester University. She is of mixed ethnicity raised by a white father and a black mother. She comes to the university and get’s more in touch with her blackness through the Black Student League. She creates a popular radio podcast show titled, Dear White People, that points out the major and minor racist incidents on campus.  Several episodes of the Netflix series follow recurring characters on the show that tie into the greater storyline.


I for one am very thankful to the show for bringing Brandon Bell on the show, and Screenshot_20180507-135908because it’s on Netflix I can watch him as much as I want. If you still aren’t convinced to watch the show, just know that he is naked…a lot. Also, I would like to note for the people that are familiar with this show that Season 2 is up now. Hey Brandon P. Bell aka Troy Fairbanks I have a crush on you!

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Why there is no MCM this week

Hey Playlisters, I’ve been floating the idea for a while to have a Zaddy of the Week that isn’t a celebrity (as of yet, lol). Every week I feature someone who is known in the social/media sphere. This week, I wanted to find a guy who is a little less known. If you know of someone or if you yourself would like to be featured please email me at or shoot me a DM via Instagram or our facebook page. In the email tell me a little about yourself (first name, social media, age, schooling, job, hobbies, past and or current charities, relationship status and any additional info you would like to include). I really will like to make this a thing so feel free to reblog, repost, share this blog. If you submit and you’re not chosen this week there is still a possibility that you are featured for an upcoming blog. I would really like to make this a thing on the blog. I took a slight gamble by not featuring anyone for MCM since that’s sort of my thing.  I’m really excited to hear from you guys! As always thank you for supporting the blog and don’t forget to check us out on social media! Besos!

MCM: **Cough Cough, I think I need Joey Kim to examine me

It’s everyone’s favorite hashtag of the week, #MCM. I know you’ve been just waiting around today for me to announce which hottie I have my eye on this week. Well, I just want you to know if this man even blinks my way once then I guarantee you we absolutely go together. He’s basically the love of my life, and I’m not afraid to say it. He makes my heart (and everything else, lol) go pitter patter. So without further Ado, I would like to announce my Man Crush Monday, the very sexy Dr. Joey Kim.

So last time I checked, he’s still a med student…but he can still examine me. It’s flu season after all. You can’t be too careful.Screenshot_20180219-170835  I actually wonder how many women are at this hospital right now claiming to have caught some mysterious disease (it’s probably just in their pants). I can’t actually say I blame them. He’s 6 foot 2 inches of actual hottie. He looks like he smells like baby powder and Gucci Guilty(Omg, if he actually smells good we’re getting married at the first chapel we see in Vegas. I’m not even kidding).

He is a part-time model on top of being a medical student at RED Models NY and he is a ShadowBox Instructor based out of Brooklyn, NY (I think I need to learn to shadowbox in NY).Screenshot_20180219-170655 He recently modeled in the Tom Ford fall  2018 men’s collection for New York Fashion Week. You can thirst after him here, and feel free to tell him I sent you. I am not ashamed (I’m visualizing myself on a cliff looking heroically to the sun with one hand on my sword and using the other as a visor with a fur cloak around my neck…so yeah enjoy that visual, haha).  Anywhosal, Joey Kiho Kim I have the worlds biggest crush on you. You’re welcome, haha (kidding).

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p.s. Because I’m your friend, I decided to add a slideshow below. Remember, we look with our eyes, not with our hands.. haha


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