Zaddy of the Week: Christian Yu

Christian Yu is a stone cold fox, and I literally had to come off of my hiatus to tell you guys. Every ounce of this man is a thirst trap, and I don’t understand why he has to trap us so hard. Everything about him is built for ultimate lustification, from his tattoos to the way he styles his hair. I mean, he took a picture of himself waking up and I still wanted him. That’s a gift right there. If you feel like being thirst trapped, follow him on Instagram @christianyu_ . You’re welcome. ❤

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MCM: Thirst Trap King, Jay Park

The man I chose for this week’s Man Crush Monday is really an MCE (man crush every day), the man is a walking, breathing thirst trap. He is a Korean-American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, record producer, model (Vogue, heyyyyy), choreographer, entrepreneur, actor (WHEW THAT’S A MOUTHFUL!).

He rose to fame as the leader of the Kpop band 2pm, formed by JYP Entertainment in 2008. He left the group in 2010 after comments he made in 2005 about Korea were published in Korean media. giphy (53).gif However, he returned to South Korea and re-debuted as a solo artist in that same year. He’s been killing the game ever since. You may know him as Jay Park, but I call him Zaddy.

This man is GORGEOUS! I avoid his page just so I don’t fall into sin. Some people drip with cuteness but, Jay Park oozes lust. If I met him I would…actually be perfectly normal on the outside but on the inside, I would be freaking out temporarily. I’m pretty sure I can keep it together as long as he doesn’t wink at me or caress my hand. If he does any of that, I’m sorry ladies he’s married. lol Off the market hun-TY. He is no longer available. In my G-Eazy voice, “It ain’t safe, It ain’t safe”. Haha…

Seriously though, he is super talented. He will soon be showing North America that an Asian artist can succeed here in the United States by premiering under Roc Nation (kudos Jay-Z). The United States will no longer be able to justify letting perfectly talented Americans go to a foreign country because they are sitting on the sidelines here (unless they want to). giphy (52).gifBravo Jay’s parents for making such a stud! Jay Park, I’ve got a seriously huge uber big monstrous crush on you. Deal with it! Oh and Merry Christmas Guys! Consider this blog post your Christmas gift! Don’t forget to Like, Follow, Share, re-Tweet and Comment! Sound off in the comments with your mutual thirst! Comment if you would like to see me cover more Korean related content on this site! Love Ya!

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