Love a Muslim Day: Zayn Malik

you are perfect zayn malik GIF-source.gifI wanted to make this post because I see a lot of Islamophobia on the internet.  This blog is about love first, and I wanted our Muslim readers to know that we love you. There are good people who wish to live in peace with you and make the world a better place. You deserve to walk the streets of anywhere without being harassed or seeing hateful things like “punish a Muslim”.  That kind of thinking separates us rather than bring us together.  I wanted to show my appreciation toward you guys especially for one of your very handsome contributions to the Entertainment industry. He is definitely, My Infinite Playlist Certified.

happen zayn malik GIF-source.gifSo, In honor of Love a Muslim Day on social media, I would love to send all of the love from My Infinite Playlist to Zayn Malik. He deserves all of the affection today because his face and his music bring us all together. Mainly to talk about how hott he is, but the guy is seriously talented. I’m sure his hit song, Pillowtalk, has helped to make several babies by now. The kids won’t be able to thank you for another 18 years, but on their behalf, I’ll like to show my gratitude with this post.  I would also like to thank your parents for producing such a stud of a human being. It was the work of pure genius.


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  1. I love Zayn. There’s been so much Islamphobia on the internet and real life lately, it’s nice seeing someone spread the love


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